Fun Date Ideas In Los Angeles: For Music Lovers

February 12, 2016


By Michael Jacobsen from

A great song can put you in a great mood. Put your date in a good mood with some great tunes. Here are the best places in Los Angeles to get down and dance.

The Sayers Club 

This club is one of the most popular live music clubs in Hollywood. If you and your date love to dance, then this club is for you. Great drinks and great music. Arrive early because it gets filled quickly.

Grand Star Jazz Club 

It takes two to tango. Show off your dance moves at this really cool jazz club in Los Angeles. If you don’t like Jazz music, then don’t worry because they play more than Jazz. They have great drinks and a cozy atmosphere.

Create Nightclub 

This super popular and hip club will be having you and your special someone dancing all night. Great if you love electronic music. They also have a cool outdoor part of the club.

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