4 Stunning Music and Art Festivals in North America

June 26, 2019
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You can find a lot of different events in the USA and Canada each year. Doesn’t matter its art festivals, music events or just celebrations, North America has a lot of things to offer. That being said, there are so many festivals here that people can easily get confused. But don’t worry! We will help you.

Here are 4 the most stunning music and art festivals in North America

Northside Festival – Brooklyn, New York

People say that New York City is a world’s capital. And they are right! There are so many art festivals here! It’s hard to find any other city, which has the same energy and number of events held here. Over the last decades, Brooklyn has become the capital of the coolest events in New York City. Northside Festival is not an exception.

Over 100,000 people visit this festival each year at the beginning of June. You can find here tons of various performances, speaking events and other cultural events. The main location is the North Brooklyn neighborhoods.  Ticket prices go in a few packages depending on your preferences. If you’re looking for a single show it will be cheaper, packages with the full access to all events are obviously more expensive.

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Magic City Caribbean Food & Music Festival – Birmingham, Alabama

At the beginning of June, this city more looks like a Caribbean celebration somewhere on the Bahamas. This festival is a real ode to the home of the Civil Rights Movement. The main goal of this wonderful fest is to bring together and unite people from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Magic City Caribbean is organized by local and Caribbean communities of Birmingham. You have an excellent opportunity to taste delicious Caribbean cuisine, listen to native music and learn a lot about countries from that region.

Moreover, this festival is completely free and has a really nice family friendly atmosphere.

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Redpath Waterfront Festival – Toronto, Ontario

This wonderful festival is located along Toronto’s shores. Redpath Waterfront Festival is a summer cheerful celebration. Sponsored by Billy Bishop airport, there are a lot of attractions you can visit here. For example, here you can find a circus performance called Aqua Cirque. This performance is happening in the water. Also, you can see here a massive beach ball installation called HTO Pendulum Wave.

Moreover, there are tons of summer treats and drinks at the market nearby. Good news for parents, at the Family Fun Zone you can find plenty of activities for kids: games, acrobatic shows, carousel rides, and educational events.

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Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Stampede is one of the biggest festivals in Alberta. Organizers say that this the greatest outdoor show in the world. This is because of its huge size, cultural diversity, and celebration of western province heritage. By the way, Calgary Stampede is celebrating since 1912.

Now, what does it mean for the visitors? First of all its massive rodeos, a huge variety of night shows and concerts on the four stages. You can find here any music you want: from country to rock. Apart from that, there are lots of activities and entertainment at the festival’s midway.

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

Mykhailo Andriichuk writes for Chillwall about interesting events, food, art and breathtaking places all over the world.


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