4 Absolutely Crazy Rock and Pop Festivals in the USA

July 17, 2019
rock festivals

Rock festivals are usually associated with crazy music and wild energy. There are a lot of awesome rock festivals around the world, however, it’s hard to find such crazy and unique rock festivals as these four.

Many festivals include a wide variety of genres. Primarily rock festivals aren’t that popular as a mix of different styles.

Bearing this in mind,  here are 4 absolutely crazy rock festivals in the USA.


Probably, one of the most famous US music festival. Coachella Valley transforms a dry Californian desert into party heaven with pool parties, an oasis of music and art. That’s why Coachella has a reputation of the world-known festival for its drawing the best rock and pop performers all around the world.

This festival attracts a lot of people from across the US. You can see model-looking girls are dancing near hipsters with long beards and cool teens.

Come to Coachella Valley in the middle of April and experience it yourself.


Initially started as a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction lead singer Perry Farell, Lollapalooza quickly became an iconic US music festival. Nowadays it hosts about 160,000 people every year with abroad tours in Brazil and Germany.

You can listen here to any kind of music you want from grunge to Brit-pop and indie. As always, you can also experience a dosage of alternative music.

Headliners of the previous years were Chance the Rapper, Muse and Arcade Fire. Lollapalooza is held at the beginning of August.

pop festivals

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Austin City Limits

If you compare this festival to the previous two, Austin City Limits stands out as a more mature and relaxed one. As a result, this festival can be considered is more traditional. But don’t get me wrong, you can listen here to the most trendy performers as well.

How about Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jay Z, and Gorillaz? These guys were lead performers at the previous festivals.

So, if you want to experience a true Southern spirit, don’t hesitate and come to Austin in October!

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Started in 2012, Firefly quickly conquered the hearts of American music lovers. Moreover, it’s also considered as an East coast of Coachella festival. Firefly reflects optimism that’s why headliners at the first festival were Blacked Eyed Peas, Bob Dylan and the Killers.

It’s a huge festival with 7 stages for different music style. Nowadays Firefly hosts about 100 bands and singers per year.

You should go to Dover in June to experience this unforgettable celebration of music and love!

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