Special Activities for a Romantic Day

February 13, 2016

Written by Shirley Li from chillwall.com


So you’re feeling a bit lovey dovey right? Feeling like you want to get romantic and all for your partner? No worries, I can help you out with some special activities for your lover!

Meal Time

Nothing is more intimate than cooking alongside your partner, with a delicious meal made for the both of you! Glance into each other’s eyes and confess your feelings. Tell them how you get butterflies everytime you look at them. Best of all, enjoy the food that you two created. What makes the food especially good though? Love!

Scavenger Hunt

Yes, this may sound childish but it doesn’t have to be! Create little notes and treats. Hide them in various areas of your house and let your significant other try to find them! After that workout, you and your lover can cuddle up together and perhaps watch a romantic movie. Who wouldn’t love that?


Yell as loud as you can… right into your lover’s ears! Just kidding. Go to a karaoke place with your date and sing some romantic songs to each other, while holding their hands. The other option is to stay home (have a staycation!) and be as wild as you want, or as calm as you want! The choice is yours. Just be sure that you’re both enjoying the singing… or the voice cracking!

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