4 Most Beautiful Museums in the World

March 15, 2019
beautiful museums

There are a lot of beautiful museums in the world.  Moreover, there is a heated competition between museums in terms of aesthetic attractiveness. Big museums are not being visited because of precious content they have, but also because of the beautiful design and architecture. It’s also a great honor for architects to design those buildings. As it gives the opportunity to carve their names for future generations.

Today we’re going to talk about 4 most beautiful museums in the world:

The Jewish Museum in Berlin

The museum is located on Lindenstrasse in Berlin. It comprises two parts – old baroque-style building in addition to a newly erected annex, designed by Daniel Libeskind. The new one is particularly attractive and it depicts very accurately the overall atmosphere of the museum.

The shape of this building has a form of zigzag with sharp angles. Walls are made of bare concrete with minimal openings and dark and narrow paths on top of that creates an ominous picture.

The Jewish Museum in Berlin aims to tell the truthful story about the life of Jews in the 20th century as well as commemorate Holocaust.

Denver Art Museum

Gio Ponti Italian modern architect is the main designer of this museum. Additionally, after 45 years Studio Libeskind designed an addendum as an extension to the main building.

Nowadays, the new building contains collections of modern arts. Additionally, it has the Oceanic and African Art collections.

This museum is a visit card of Denver and it attracts thousands of people every year.

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Louvre-Abu Dhabi

This Middle-Eastern branch of Louvre had several setbacks in the construction due to the economical crisis. Recently it opens its door and instantly captivates people by its sophisticated design and beautiful interior.

The main architect is Jean Nouvel a famous Pritzker Prize Winner come up with an idea of the museum’s design. He found its inspiration in Arabic and Islamic architecture. The museum’s white facade situated near the Arabian Gulf.

Come and check this amazing museum if you’re in the United Arabic Emirates!

The Art Gallery of Alberta

The public art gallery in Edmonton contains more than 6,000 works, but its most remarkable feature is unusual design. Randall Stout Architects designed a structure with a huge ribbon that wraps around the building. The name of this shape is “borealis” and it represents northern lights, which is quite common during the winter in Edmonton.

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Borealis is the most prominent feature of the facade, but it also a part of the interior and even forms the roof’s canopy.

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