6 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

February 10, 2019
beautiful libraries

Libraries are one of the most incredible tributes to human knowledge and skills. However, it’s very important to learn something new in a beautiful library with an interesting interior, to make learning not a boring process but rather an interesting activity. Being surrounded by a lovely interior will inspire people and motivate them to work a bit harder.

In this article, we’ve gathered 6 most beautiful libraries in the world.

Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland

This library holds a lot of ancient books included Book of Kells – the 9th-century collection of gospels nicely embellished with gold. The most famous attraction is Long Room contains over 200,000 old books from all over the world.

Thomas Burgh, the Irish architect, built this structure in 1733. Trinity College Library can boast a unique dark wooden ceiling with splendid carved pictures. There are also, marble statues of philosophers, writers and college’s patrons of art that lined up near the bookshelves.

George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, Maryland, USA

This awesome building contains about 300,000 volumes, most of the books from the 19th century. George Peabody Library was erected in 1878 by the local talented architect Edmund G Lindt. He named his creation as a “cathedral of books”.

It really looks like a huge 61 feet cathedral surrounded by numerous books from each side. Moreover, columns, balconies, and breathtaking decorative embellishments  make this place truly “sacred”

Austrian National Library – Vienna, Austria

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna once was an official residence of Austrian emperors, but today it’s a large library with more than 7.4 million books. In addition, it’s also an official home of Austrian president.

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, famous Austrian architect started building this state-of-art structure in 1723. Later his son finished his father’s work. The most attractive feature of this place is a huge fresco on the ceiling created by painter Daniel Gran.

Additionally, in the middle of the building, you can find numerous sculptures of Habsburg kings and emperors.

Stained Glass Windows

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Vancouver Public Library – Vancouver, Canada

This building brings an ancient Romanian spirit to Vancouver city. It more resembles famous Colosseum than the actual library.

This building was built from precast concrete with reddish sandstone. That’s why it has such a vivid attractive color. Two Canadian architect firms Safdie Architects and DA Architects develop the concept and built this awesome building. Vancouver Public Library opened its doors to people in 1995.

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Vasconcelos Library – Mexico City, Mexico

This 409,000 square meters megalibrary with the mind-boggling design was built by a famous Mexican architect Alberto Kalach. Vasconcelos Library looks inside like stack of shelves different sizes put together. Moreover, this building is also integrated with a botanical garden and many of Mexico’s artists show their works here.

Additionally, in the middle of the structure, you can see a whales skeleton, which inspired the building itself.

Seattle Central Library – Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle Central Library’s design surely stands out among other buildings around. Architect Rem Koolhaas is a person who developed a concept and built this geometrically splendid building.

This building opened its doors in 2004 and almost instantly won the praise by The New Yorker which named it as “exhilarating”. By the way, the American Institute of Architects includes Seattle Central Library into the list of America’s 150 the most favorite buildings.

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