6 Craziest Things to Do in Miami

February 15, 2019

Tired of boring excursions and monotonous museum visits? Always wanted to make an unforgettable and crazy trip? This article is what you were looking for such a long time. Let’s make your Miami trip the wildest adventure in your life you will tell your grandchildren in 40 years!

Here are 6 craziest things you can add to your bucket list while visiting Miami.

Bike Tour past the alligators at Shark Valley

The 15-mile road inside the Everglades National Park is the favorite place for bikers, runners and people who enjoy outdoor fitness. Rent a bike and drive 15 miles on the road close to alligators who will be moving back and forth along the path. Do not play and annoy them, but enjoy the crazy ride and warm weather.

Leave Your Name at the Miami Marine Stadium

Located at the Virginia Key, Miami Marine Stadium was condemned in 1992. Since then it became the favorite place of graffiti artists. This spot is a hidden gem for people who love contemporary art and graffiti. We don’t advocate vandalism, but you can tag your name near the name of other artists who decorate every inch of the stadium. Just don’t mess up with someone else’s tag!

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Dance on the table at famous Mango’s

Incredible Latin hot spot for people who love a vivid and active lifestyle! Mango’s has been running things here for more than 25 years. Here you can find top Latin dancers with the authentic music, wonderful tequila shots, and super cool atmosphere to enjoy the night. Moreover, you can even dance on the table with dancers to make the night more unforgettable.

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Get Drunk at Schnebly’s fruity wine

South Florida isn’t the best place for grapes. But, this boggy terrain is a perfect place to grow topical fruits. Schnebly’s bottles of wine are made from lychees, mangos, avocados and other tropical fruits. By the way, don’t drink too much as you may get a sweet tropical hangover after that!

Visit Miami Broward Carnival

At the carnival, you can find food, drinks, cheerful Caribbean music, and dancing. There’s no better option if you want to immerse yourself into a vibrant Caribbean culture. Believe me or not, you won’t get bored here and authentic Caribbean music will force you to dance anyway!

Rock out at a Frost Science laser show

The laser shows were very popular back in the days all over the USA. One of the shows you could see at the old science museum in Coconut Grove. Nowadays, you can visit this show in Museum Park in downtown Miami at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum. Moreover, this is the latest cutting-edge technology show which you can see listening to classic rock music.

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

Mykhailo Andriichuk writes for Chillwall about interesting events, food, art and breathtaking places all over the world.


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