6 Vegan Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

February 23, 2019

Vegan culture is really starting to widespread around the world and vegan bloggers can be true role models. More and more people all over the world use Instagram for different purposes. Somebody just checks stories and posts of his/her friends, somebody uses it for business purposes. But you can convert your Instagram feed into real vegan heaven! Let your feed inspires you for new achievements and helps you stay healthy.

Here are 6 Vegan Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram


Amanda is an amazing vegan blogger. Moreover, she also has a Youtube channel, where she shares her knowledge about plant-based livings. She recently graduated a college, so a lot of her posts are about how to stay healthy even if you’re on a budget.

In her videos, she tells a lot about new recipes, shares her experience, life stories, and lifehacks. Additionally, Amanda is a yoga-certified teacher, so she posts yoga stuff on her Instagram as well.


Based in Australia, Tess runs a very successful Instagram profile and Youtube channel. She is probably one of the most-known a vegan blogger in the world. In her Instagram, she shares lots of vegan food, special recipes she developed herself and tons of other useful information.

Tess is also passionate about a workout so you can find exercising and sports posts there. She regularly publishes updates about what she eats every day.

Vegan Travellers

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If you’re a broke student but you want to stay healthy even if it’s hard for you to find money to pay the rent, then this profile is what you need! The author specifically designed this page for busy and broke college students. Most of her recipes don’t even require a kitchen.

A lot of her posts shares smart ways how to use up leftovers you have in your fridge. But most importantly all the recipes she shares are extremely healthy and cheap. Moreover, it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to prepare them.


Among all other vegan bloggers, Rebeca publishes truly eye-catching and vivid pictures of the food. Based in London, she shares a lot of stuff about London and UK life overall. Rebeca tests the recipes which were made by others as well as sharing her opinion and suggest ways to improve it. Also, she often posts images from restaurants she visited and write about them as well.

Rebeca goes a lot to food adventures around London and posts videos on her personal Youtube channel.

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This blogger proves that there are so many ways to eat if you’re a vegan. Most of her recipes consist of raw high-carbs stuff. She promotes eating fresh unprocessed food with a lot of fruits and vegetables. You should check her profile where you can find pizzas, raw cookies, and smoothies made from whole and healthy ingredients.


Caitlin Shoemaker is one of the best vegan bloggers, recipe developer, and traveler. Her posts feature a lot of useful tips about wellness, healthy recipes and lifestyle information. Caitlin focuses on easy-to-make dishes but, what is the most important, containing healthy ingredients.

She also developed tons of recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all of them are just amazing. She also develops gluten-free recipes.

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