Mind Blowing Restaurants in Stratford

February 17, 2020
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Allow us to introduce you to Stratford. There is so much more to do and love in this small city than just Theatre. Check out these mind blowing restaurants that we discovered for you:

1. Pazzo Taverna and Pizzeria

Pazzo Pizzeria has been serving the best thin crust pizza and pasta in town for over 20 years. It has Italian inspired cooking and thoughtful service.

Customer reviews: mouth watering every time, authentic Italian, superb, etc.

2. Pizza Bistro

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Fun Times in the Heart of Stratford

This Mediterranean Greek restaurant is renowned for its fresh, healthy ingredients, and simple preparation. It is a small cozy restaurant, with simple yet delicious food.

Customer reviews: gluten-free pizza, reasonable price, friendly and knowledgeable staffs, etc.

3. Downie Street Burgers

At Downie, you will be offered with their popular Signature Burgers as well as you can Build Your Own burger menu. Besides burgers and soups, they carry an interesting selection of locally crafted beers and liquors, in addition to a variety of Ontario wines.

Customer reviews: unique menu of several burgers, large selection of add on toppings, beautiful burgers, etc.

4. The Bruce Restaurant

A Fine Dining Restaurant, serving a tasting menu, or a la carte options. With adjacent Lounge, featuring more casual dining with a fun atmosphere. The Restaurant is open every day for breakfast and lunch, and Thursday through Saturday for dinner.

Customer reviews: absolutely delicious, best part of the winter weather, excellent spot for holiday dinner etc.

5. Stratford Thai Cuisine

Stratford Thai Cuisine has been the favorite of many from around the world. The restaurant serves you dishes made from four fundamental tastes of Thailand i.e. sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, with additional spices. This is the place where you can experience the beauty of the city as well as the best of Thai food in one location.

Customer reviews: packed with deliciousness and value, fair prices, highly recommend a visit, the spice is just right, cute atmosphere, etc.

6. Braai House

If you want to taste the original taste of BBQ, then you must visit Braai House, that gives you a perfect wood-fired Braai (BBQ) as well as a wood-fired pizza oven. With this open fire cooking, this South African inspired restaurant believes in bringing people together and connecting them with their food, family, and friends.

Customer reviews: got to watch the chefs cook our meals, our server was awesome, polite and friendly, well informed, etc.

7. AO Pasta

This Italian restaurant, opened in 2018, located in the heart of downtown Stratford, is casual and family-friendly. If you are a pasta fan, this is the just right place for you. Wondering what “AO” stands for, its the initials of the owners children’s names – Axel and Olive.

Customer reviews:  incredible, best pasta ever tasted, will definitely be back, incredibly fresh, etc.

8. Mercer Hall

Looking for an amazing night out? Mercer Hall, approachable and affordable, plus Stratford’s largest craft beer menu, is all ready to make your night special. The restaurant gives a lively and casual atmosphere fused with comfort to give you a memorable experience.

Customer reviews: good selection of craft beer, relaxing and homely, one of the best mind blowing restaurants ever seen, etc.

9. The Parlour Steakhouse


One of the most mind blowing restaurants in all of Stratford, The Parlour Steakhouse is situated in a beautiful heritage building in the heart of downtown Stratford. It serves an outstanding cuisine with award-winning customer service.

Customer reviews:  charming restaurant, friendly service, interesting menu with wide choice, etc.

10. Demetre’s Family Eatery

This family owned restaurant has been serving Stratford since 1996. In their cozy and relaxed atmosphere they offer a variety of affordable dishes like steak, seafood, pasta, and Greek dishes. There are separate menus for children and seniors.

Customer reviews: clean and comfortable, quick service, hot food, good prices, glad to find you and will be back, etc.

Hey folks,  click here to plan your Stratford experience to discover many more unique things to do in this charming city.

By: Jyoti Khatri

Jyoti Khatri writes for Chillwall on fun events, fitness, lifestyle near me and around the world.

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