10 Things You Wished You Knew Before Traveling

February 20, 2020
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No matter its our first time or we’re a travel pro, we tend to miss out on something or the other. Here’s a compilation of must remember and must do list of things for you before traveling:

1. Not to Over-shop

Its your long awaited vacation, and I know you are super excited. However, you shouldn’t be overdoing with shopping that will not only blow their budget, but will unnecessarily overload their luggage. I even had to leave behind the stuffs that I bought due to my luggage weighing way more than expected. Its always wise to make a shopping list and just stick to it, don’t be impulse on buying.

2. Making Sure You are in Good Health

In excitement or running short of time, travelers often take their health for granted. Stress begins to embrace you couple of days before the travel day. At this point, its important that you start taking a good care of your health, visit the doctor and make sure you’re in best of your health. Getting vaccinated, doing the tests, carrying a stock of medicines, are some of the things you can do to avoid health problems that may trouble you. Check out these awesome ideas to stay fit while traveling.

3. Knowing Your Destination Well

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Search Less, Live More

Do some research and be informed. Never assume your taxi driver knows where your destination is. Doing some homework will keep you from depending on others. Look for data options that will give you internet access which is a must while travelling. Carrying a map in your hand bag will help you a lot more than you thought. Whether in a big city like London looking for things to do or a small city like Austin, knowing your destination helps you discover unique experiences faster.

4. Having a Fair Idea of the Rates

You are new to the place and don’t have any idea of the prices, is what the sellers assume and try to nag you. However, having a fair idea of the rates before approaching for anything saves you money. Unknowingly, travelling can turn out to be costly. So, to be on a safer side, always ask about the price before you hop on a bus, or any other form of public transportation, always look at the rates in your menu before ordering a food.

5. Being Your Own Safety Provider

Read traveler reviews and consult with locals for information about the safest neighborhoods, places to stay and incidences of crime. Be informed as to whom to call in an emergency. Get the contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate, police station, and other local emergency departments. People who look like they’re from out of town are especially vulnerable to crime, so try to blend in as much as you can.

6. Being Well Aware of the Culture

Pointing your feet at people, touching people of opposite sex (including sitting next to them in public transportation), hand gestures (including thumbs up), asking price of products you don’t intent to buy, calling them “locals”, are some of the things that may not be acceptable.

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7. Owning a Selfie Stick

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You do would not always want to ask other people who could also be as busy as you are in their travel, to take your picture. Handing over your expensive phone or camera to someone may not be safe either.  Owning a selfie stick can seriously help you when you want all of your companions to be in a single frame. Moreover, a selfie stick occupies as little space in your bag as a water bottle.

8. Safeguarding Your Own IDs

You never know when you might need a copy of your passport, driver’s license or another form of identification. Scan these documents to save online (email them to yourself) and print out several hard copies. That way, you won’t be scrambling to find proper documentation when you need them.

9. Carrying a Fully Charged Charger

If you carry a charger, make sure to keep it charged whenever and wherever you get to. Depending on the charger, a fully charged one can give you 4 to 5 times full charge to your phone. It can be a great help especially when you’re using your phone gaming, watching videos, waiting in a transit.

10. Carrying an Extra Pair of Glasses

If you wear glasses for your eye sight, and you really depend on them, carrying an extra pair should be a must in your list before traveling. You never know when your existing pair of glasses might break or you may loose them.

Bonus: Don’t carry all your valuables in one bag, scatter them while packing.

These are some of the tips to keep you from hassles that might arise while traveling. The key is: don’t bother anyone or anything around you, and keep up with the traveling spirit.

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Written by: Jyoti Khatri

Jyoti Khatri writes for Chillwall AI on fun events, fitness, lifestyle near me and around the world.


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