Stratford Tourism Alliance Launches its “Virtual Concierge”: a Canadian First in Tourism Artificial Intelligence powered by Chillwall AI

March 13, 2019

(Stratford, ON) Stratford Tourism Alliance (STA) is making Stratford a leader in tourism discovery by introducing an on-line personal discovery concierge on powered by Chillwall AI. Visitors to the website will be intuitively assisted with on-demand personalization and matching to relevant tourism events and partner experiences in and around Stratford. The interaction will be more rewarding and positive, encouraging more meaningful connections, longer stays, and brand loyalty from a younger demographic than the historically documented visitor.

“Search less, live more! That’s STA’s new mantra. Not only is this exciting for STA, it is a cutting-edge discovery tool to enhance customized visitor experiences. This type of advancement aligns STA with Stratford’s Smart City initiatives.” states Lori DeGraw, Executive Director. ”Stratford is the very first tourism organization to implement this kind of technology reflecting the leadership and innovation that is at the heart of this community.”

Search Less, live More!



The visitor process is more fulfilling using recommendations and trending experiences for increased engagement, funneled through a site overlay that mimics an app experience but on a Web platform. This technology is possible through a partnership with Chillwall AI, a cloud-based Desire Prediction Artificial Intelligence firm using Deep Learning analytics to aggregate, analyze, and recommend things to do in over 2,000 cities on their own site, to power the new digital concierge.

Behind the scenes is where the technology is working smarter to bring important data and a better understanding of visitors’ wants and needs using proprietary technology from Chillwall. The new use of this data on uses Chillwall AI to bring this leading Technology inside our databases of Stratford events and businesses. Increased reporting opportunities will provide more powerful insights to STA than traditional marketing research.

How Chillwall AI will help Stratford tourists to make their trip an unforgettable experience?

Stratford is one of Canada’s most unique tourism destinations. From theatre to savoury food trails to visual arts, Chillwall AI is excited to power personal discovery without searching. Visitors effortlessly experience all that Stratford has to discover” Dr. Ian Knowles and Michael Campanelli, co-founders of Chillwall AI.

Using this discovery concierge, STA is tapping into the expertise of the University of Waterloo Accelerator experts, ranking in the top four best in the world during one year of intense development.

“The STA’s virtual concierge is an exciting project, and a great example of the kind of innovative thinking that makes Stratford unique. It also represents a positive use of smart technology, helping to showcase everything our community has to offer.” Mayor Dan Mathieson, City of Stratford.


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Stratford, a Canadian Innovation Leader

“The STA’ s new virtual assistant platform aligns perfectly with the City of Stratford’s overall efforts to deploy Smart Technologies across all sectors. It will give the STA, as well as its industry partners, an opportunity to more deeply understand and analyze visitor behavior and tourism trends. It’s another way Stratford is “smart”.” Joani Gerber, Chief Executive Officer, Stratford Economic Enterprise Development Corporation (InvestStratford)

“This is just another example of Corporations within the City of Stratford using leading edge technologies to further the customer experience. STA’s integration of AI technology into their web platform will ensure visitors and residents alike will get a tailored Stratford experience, maximizing their enjoyment of what Stratford has to offer.” Ysni Semsedini, CEO Rhyzome Networks, Festival Hydro.

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We invite everyone to experience the discovery concierge at Tourism- related businesses interested in learning more are invited to contact us at or call 519-271-5140 or contact to create the best Stratford visitor experience possible.

Media Contact:  Cathy Rehberg, Marketing Manager   Stratford Tourism Alliance, 47 Downie Street, Stratford, ON N5A 1W7 PH: 519-271-5140 ext 2 or 800-561-SWAN Email: T: @StratfordON FB: StratfordON I: VisitStratfordOn Photos and interviews can be arranged.

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