4 Best Music Festivals in Canada

March 11, 2019
music festival in Canada

Who hasn’t dreamed about a runaway from the routine to immerse for a few days into music festival vibes? There are plenty of top-notch music gigs in Canada. All of them are pretty cool, so make sure you will visit some of them (or all of them). Additionally, a music festival in Canada is a really big deal here.

Here are 5 best music festivals in Canada you need to attend:


There are a lot of reasons why you need to visit this awesome music festival in Montreal. This 3-day gig invited only the best performers from all over the world. Just check a lineup for the last year: Muse, The Weekend, Lorde, Major Lazer, and many others. Moreover, the atmosphere of this music festival is so good and friendly, you wouldn’t want to go home after it finishes.

This gig is taken place in Parc Jean-Drapeau on August 4-6. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a witness to a truly cool festival!

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Interstellar Rodeo

This one is a little bit unusual festival as it’s located in 2 places – Winnipeg and Edmonton. Moreover, Interstellar Rodeo is a relatively new festival, but it became really popular in Canada because organizers managed to draw big names to it. The last year selection was: Buffy Saint-Marie, Wilco, Sinead O’Connor, and Wilco. This one of the best music festival in Canada.

The vibe at the festival is an amazing celebration of music, party, and dance. Dates for this festival are still yet to be relieved. Last year it was on July 21-23 in Edmonton and August 18-20 in Winnipeg.

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Field Trip

Arts&Crafts record label decided to organize a big celebration due to its 10-years anniversary. The party was so good so it is inspired organizers to make it a yearly celebration. The biggest artists from all over the world come to Toronto for a 2-day amazing music festival. Moreover, here you can also taste delicious street-food, enjoy various pieces of arts and check an awesome historical outdoor venue.

Field Trip takes place on June 3 and 4. Come and visit this gig, you will receive only positive vibes, that’s for sure!

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Here’s a question. Why many people drive hours from Toronto to Guelph in the middle of July? Of course, because of the Hillside! In addition,  it’s a big and fun outdoor music festival. Hillside always invites the most popular performers but also is considered as the most environmentally friendly music festival in Canada. Just check the solar-powered stages, reusable dishes, and bike-friendly infrastructure.

Come and visit Hillside on July 14-16!

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

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