Top Ultimate Music Festival Essentials You Need

May 17, 2017

Summer is upon us; it means music festival season is finally here. There is nothing better than enjoying the sunshine and participating in one of many outdoor festivals with your friend. However, if you want to make it through the weekend and enjoy the festivals, here are the list of some essentials you need for the weekend. Here is the list of top music festivals of 2017 you don’t want to miss.

We all enjoy hot summer days, but sometimes it gets to humid, or rains. Your wardrobe closet needs to be adaptable to sweltering days of July and August.  Beside your unique outfit, you also need some essentials to take with you. We have selected 14 basic items that will get you through every festival weekend.

Sunscreen, Sunglass, Hat
As sunglasses and hats can be very trendy, but you needs these items to protect yourself from the sun.

A refillable water bottle (Roll Up Bottle)
You do not want to get dehydrated on a hot sweaty summer day. Most of festivals offer free water fountains and allow people to bring reusable drink bottles, to minimize the waste. Swapping your disposable water bottle for a refillable water bottle will save you money, and prevent you from waisting your time in line ups to buy one.

Rain Cape
The old saying goes, “always bring a raincoat”, for festivals always bring a rain cape. It is light and small, it does not take any space in your bag but even on dry days it would save you from the dirt and mess.

A portable phone charger
You want to stay connected with your friends and family in a case of an emergency, you should definitely invest in a portable charger.

a simple item as a Zip-loc would protect your phone and keep your phone dry and dirt free. You can still operate a cell phone through the plastic.

Rain Boots
You should avoid wearing your nice shoes or any open toe shoes. You need a cheap pair of possibly light water proof boot, that can be easily cleaned up. There are 1000 of people dancing around, the chance anyone can step on your shoe is pretty high.

Cross Body Bag, Fanny Pack
You want your bag and your belonging to be close to you, a cross body bag or a fanny pack will let your hands to be free and keep everything safe.

Mini bottle of hand sanitizer

Blotting Wipes

An Emergency Kit

Selfie Stick

Coat or Sweater


Hair elastic, Chapstick

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By: Shab.Gh



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