Top 5 Ways to Explore Berlin’s Legendary Nightlife

April 8, 2017

Berlin has the best nightlife scene in the entire world because it has bars and clubs that satisfy everyone’s party needs. Here are the top places to check out:

Watergate Club

This is one of Berlin’s most well-known clubs and it has an awesome location because it is situated on the riverside or the beautiful river Spree. The club plays nonstop techno music with local and famous acts performing here regularly. Check out the downstairs area, which has impressive panorama views, as well as the floating deck that allows guests to experience the gorgeous sunrise as they party late into the night. The club itself is known for its impressive LED lighting and state of the art sound system, so it will surely entertain you into the morning hours. Tourists usually flock to this place, so this is the place to be if you’re travelling Berlin.

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The most interesting thing about Chalet is that it is located inside a 150-year-old mansion and will take you back in time. The décor will add to this feeling as it has been decorated accordingly. The club has an awesome garden area that is the perfect place to chill if you get tired of listening to their stellar DJs that perform regularly or if you just want to take a brake. With regular rave events happening, you’ll definitely enjoy an unforgettable night here with your friends.

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The Pearl

The pearl nightclub is located in an old power plant and is considered one of the best clubs in the world to visit. If you’re a music lover, you’re in luck because this place plays music performed live by some of the hottest techno artists. With an amazing sound system, a cool setting and DJs spinning the hottest tracks, it’s no wonder why this place is world-renowned. Be warned though: this club is not easy to get into. The bouncers here are strict just like many clubs in Berlin, but they are particularly strict here. A discreet style is preferred here, so be sure not to act too excited (although we know you will be!) and bring a smaller group of friends with you.

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Hops & Barley

Looing for an ‘under the radar’ night? This place is where you should go because it is not as fancy as other Berlin bars but is incredibly fun and has the best beer in the city. As well as being extremely fairly priced, the owners of the bar like to experiment with new flavors in their beer, bringing to their guests the epitome of German beer culture. Sports, mainly soccer, are regularly playing on the screen here so if you are looking for place to chill head here. We suggest any of their dark beers, and also their snakebite (which is half beer, half cider).

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Schwarze Traube

The bartenders at Schwarze Traube will show you just how creative Europeans can be with their cocktails when you taste any of the cocktails at this interesting bar. Stone bricks make up most of the interior here (including the bar), making this one of the coolest ambiances to soak up in all of Berlin. Located in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg borough, this bar is located in one of Berlin’s most well known areas which makes it a prime location to be in when you are enjoying a night out (whether you spend the night here or come here to begin or end your evening).

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Written by Kent Austin





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