Tokyo’s Funkiest Concept Cafés

April 5, 2017

Japan is known for its innovations and creativity even when it comes to themed cafés. Most people might have experienced “maid cafes”. These are some other alternatives you can find in Tokyo.

N3331 Café

Situated atop the platform of the renovated Manseibashi Train Station in Akihabara, this café and bar offer adrenaline pumping ambiance. Aside from a full menu of food and alcoholic beverages, N3331 also has soft drinks, like coffee, smoothies, and iced tea. Sipping coffee while watching jam-packed trains rush by rapidly on either side is one of the café’s unusual experiences. Not adventurous enough? Try walking to the open terrace at the back of the café for a better view of the world passing by!

Flower Market Tea House

One of Tokyo’s best kept secrets is hidden away in a greenhouse at the back of a flower store in Minato. The entire café is decorated with beautiful fresh flowers and offers lovely aromas throughout. Walkways are made with orchids and the walls are teaming with exotic flowers. They serve only tea (no coffee) but the selections are large enough to satisfy patrons. Escape to the urban oasis if you want a change from the busy city!

Kawaii Monster Café

Located in Harajuku, the café’s façade is vividly colorful and hard to miss! The entrance to the café is through the mouth of a goggle-eyed monster. There is a merry-go-round made of giant gummy bears, peppermints, cupcakes, and other sweets for photo opportunities. The venue is divided into four themed zones each with its own style. The Kawaii staff, “Monster Girls” will ensure you get the best experience!

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