The Best Toronto Nightlife Areas You Can’t Miss

February 6, 2016

The lifestyle of Toronto is vibrant nightlife mixed with a fast paced city crowd. It is a very large city and in each area, there are a variety of options to suit all tastes. It is a city to be with friends.

We can distinguish three areas in Toronto that are especially lively at night: the Entertainment District area, the area near the University of Toronto and some pubs and bars of Queen Street West, each with its special characteristics.

College Street

College Street is the main nightlife for students from the nearby University of Toronto. You can find nice bars that host the zone, which is usually more economical and informal than other areas of the city and have a pretty young atmosphere. There are more pubs than clubs, but some of them have areas of dancing and music. Others become nightclubs on weekends.

Queen Street West

In the western part of the city, Queen Street West has become another fashionable area to be with friends. There is both a large area of clubs or discos, but when small bars and restaurants at night are transformed, you can find shows with DJ’s and nice music.

Entertainment District and King St. West

Entertainment District is the traditional theater district with restaurants and around it, has appeared a number of trendy nightclubs that are open on the weekends in Toronto. Most of them are concentrated in the vicinity of King Street West, in the stretch of University Avenue to Bathurst, but also a few more clubs are parallel to Adelaide and Richmond.

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Written by Lina Melo from chillwall

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