Where to Travel This Summer with Friends

August 13, 2022
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There is nothing like a well-organized trip with a group of friends. All around the world, there are numerous destinations. And most of them offer attractions for creating spectacular lifetime memories. But, if you are looking for where to travel this summer with friends, these are several that can count as perfect choices.

1. Bali- a glorious island to visit

Just for the beginning, let’s meet the Indonesian piece of heaven– Bali. A dream destination for most worldwide travelers. This place is often synonymous with sandy beaches, turquoise water, and fantastic landscape. Although this is mostly because of the online presentations we get about Bali, you’ll be happy to hear that the reality won’t disappoint you either.

This paradise in Indonesia has a wide range of attractions and activities for every visitor. Apart from the beautiful shores and immense sunbathing options, Bali also has numerous temple sights that would be especially interesting to history lovers. Plus, it’s good to know that it is exactly summer that is considered to be the perfect time for visiting Bali because of the agreeable temperatures during this part of the year.

However, if your dream of summer vacation feels more like staying in a resort and enjoying local cuisine and spa treatments, you should know that Bali’s spas can compete with the world’s best spas.

2. Dublin- where to travel this summer with friends

Coming to see this incredible Irish capital is best during the summer period. The reason is apparent- it’s that time of the year when the weather is warm and agreeable enough so that you can see all its beautiful outdoors slowly and relaxed.

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Meet the different traditions.

Dublin is a perfect mix of cultures, culinary, and nationalities as a popular melting pot. However, the things people adore about this city the most somehow stayed untouched. The well-known Irish customs, traditions, folklore, music, and dance are still something that most people come to experience when visiting the city of Dublin. Its amazing sights and attractions will leave you speechless.

Dublin is definitely one of the destinations that you need to travel to this summer with friends. And, if you fall in love with the place and, like many other people before you, wish to stay there for good, you should definitely plan for this ahead. International shipping can be tricky, and usually, there are hidden costs no one will tell you about. So, be careful, and think in advance.


3. Bar Harbor- a popular tourist destination, especially in summer

Although the first thought of Bar Harbor is usually associated with its proximity to the Acadia National Park, which is one of the most famous American national parks, this striking town has much more to offer. In fact, the town itself is a unique coastal experience.

Bar Harbor has a little bit of every quality the US can boast of. Its calming water surfaces and rocky coast create a landscape perfect for long summer walks and exciting explorations. And everything seems so charming and dreamy, especially during the summer months. Visiting Bar Harbor will give you an excellent opportunity to escape reality for a while and jump into a world of a storybook. A getaway that helps recover both your body and your soul.

4. Bermuda- home to the famous Bermuda shorts

In case your summer trip inevitably includes walking under the subtropical sun, then you can’t make a better choice than Bermuda. Sandy beaches, swimming, sunbathing, and all those other summertime relaxing activities, but this time a little bit more luxurious.

Although its very name already sounds effective enough, this place definitely approves it. The islands of Bermuda preserved the famous British elegance, which somehow gives the final touch to the already amazing experience you will get if you choose it to be your next summer trip destination. All those tips for recharging your mind and soul in these surroundings sound like a pretty easy task.

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Great beaches are one of the reasons to choose the Bahamas when wondering where to travel this summer with friends.

5. San Diego- a summertime destination for everyone

Nature lovers, historians, explorers, and all the travelers from around the world, behold a story about a perfect summer destination for everyone.

If you are about to decide where to travel this summer with friends, here comes Sand Diego. No matter what kind of people your friends are, San Diego will be their jackpot. Active seekers can enjoy the outdoor attractions on one of the amazing San Diego beaches and, of course, rich nightlife. On the other hand, the city landscapes, gardens, and catchy architecture will satisfy the needs of every exploration spirit. And to charm the past-time lovers, there is USS Midway Museum that will not disappoint you.

6. London- the queen’s city

And, finally, here is a city that is said to be the one you can never be tired of. In fact, if you choose London for your next summer destination, you should know that one visit will not be enough. A tour around London will give you a peek into a completely different world. A world where traditional and modern cohabitate in an idyllic atmosphere where you can drink both afternoon tea and Starbucks coffee.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the famous London Eye, see the Tower of London or Tate Modern. Go on a tour of Buckingham Palace and feel the spirit of the real Shakespeare’s Globe. And on top of everything, have a picnic in Hyde Park and spend several relaxing hours with your friends.

What’s more, if by some chance you wish to see some near London places, too, you can always organize a day trip and enrich your experience.

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Explore something new.

Now that you have found several top destinations where you can travel this summer with friends, you must book your next flight and get ready for the journey. No manner which of these you decide to choose. One thing is for sure; you will have a fantastic time together. Just don’t forget to capture the real moments since those are the most valuable memories.

San Francisco

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