15 Best Summer Vacations in the U.S. For Couples

July 16, 2022
Two people on one of the best summer vacations in the U.S. for couples.

Did you know that couples who take trips together report higher levels of happiness in their relationship? Going on a trip with the person you love is an excellent method to reawaken the flame of passion or just to create new memories together. Whether you want to just lay on the beach or enjoy the ultimate American road trip, there are so many great summer vacations in the U.S. for couples. 

1# Catalina Island, CA

Catalina Island is just an hour’s boat ride from Los Angeles, yet it has the vibe of a Mediterranean vacation destination. Check out Two Harbors on your way to Avalon; here is the island’s more rustic and tranquil west end… If you’re looking for a vacation that includes snorkeling, a golf buggy tour of the island, and a boat day, this is it!

A woman snorkeling.

If you love snorkeling – this is the place for you.

2# New Mexico’s Santa Fe

The name “Land of Enchantment” was given to this oasis in the middle of the desert for a reason. Get away from it all and enjoy the adobe architecture, jewelry shops, and art galleries in the area. Many senior tourists love this place! It has a variety of hot spring-fed, thermal, and saltwater pools that you may use to connect with your sweetheart and the nature of Santa Fe.

3# Austin, Texas

A trip to Austin is a perfect choice if you like live music, good cuisine, and the arts. Enjoy a concert while swaying in your partner’s arms, dine in style at a French restaurant, drink agave-based beverages and munch on masa-forward dishes at Suerte, and take in exhibits by up-and-coming artists at the Contra Common Cultural Center. 

4# New Orleans, Louisiana

There’s no need to leave the country when New Orleans has global influences from France, Spain, Africa, and the Caribbean right on its doorstep. The city’s sensuous Maison de la Luz and jazzy late-night bars make it the ideal setting to continue your relationship. 

A saxophone.

There’s nothing like a jazz night in New Orleans for one of the best summer vacations in the U.S. for couples

5# Florida Keys

To say that the Florida Keys are unlike any other region is an understatement. Although the Keys are known for their peculiarities, they also have a unique scenic charm because of their location on the ocean. Visit Islamorada’s Morada Bay Beach Café for lobster salad and the historic Victorian “conch cottages” in Key West. 

6# Alaska’s Anchorage

 If you and your bae are adventurous types, this is the right destination. Despite the allure of venturing out on your own into the wilds of Alaska, Anchorage is the finest place to start your journey. It has many attractions, like:

  • Artisan breweries
  • Museums devoted to native heritage
  • Salmon fishing
  • Most breathtaking natural attractions

7# Glacier Bay National Park

Another place in Alaska that has stunning scenery, animals, and glaciers. You may see icebergs calving, with sections breaking off and diving into the ocean. To really experience wildlife, look for whales, sea lions on rocky islands, coastal brown bears, and mountain goats on seaside cliffs.

8# NYC makes one of the best summer vacations in the U.S. for couples

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a romantic staycation, New York is a city where you get to make all the decisions. Take a trip over the Brooklyn Bridge or hire a rowboat on Central Park Lake for your romantic comedy moment. Attend a performance of the American Ballet Theatre in amazement at the David H. Koch Theater, then relax with a drink at a dimly-lit pub.

9# Kauai, Hawaii

With its breathtaking sunsets, beautiful beaches, and green mountains, Hawaii is the perfect place for couples to escape away for a romantic vacation. One of Kauai’s advantages is that it’s less crowded and developed than Oahu or Maui, making it less like a tourist trap.
A sunset boat or helicopter tour of the Na Pali coast provides breathtaking vistas of green sea cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls that are hard to believe.

10# Cannon Beach, Oregon

The northern Oregon coast has extensive stretches of pristine beaches and spectacular rock formations like Haystack Rock. Find sand dollars and look into tidal pools full of starfish, sea anemones, and hermit crabs as you walk down the beach for hours at a time. 

11# San Francisco, CA

When it comes to romantic activities, San Francisco’s alternatives are almost limitless. With the Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop, you may snap a picture from Baker Beach and wander through Golden Gate Park. However, local movers often advise couples to visit some less known places and check out hidden gems of San Francisco like the ”Hippie Quarter” and Hidden Garden Steps.

12# Mendocino, CA

Seaside Mendocino is located three hours north of San Francisco, on a mountainous stretch of coast. You may spend your days exploring the beaches, hiking through redwood woods, and even taking a wine-tasting tour. It’s the ideal place to relax with a loved one and take in the scenery. 

13# Arizona’s Sedona

Sedona is a desert paradise with red rock formations and distant mountains. Start your romantic weekend with a morning hot-air balloon ride over the scenery. Then, explore one of the numerous paths that lead to the town’s famed vortexes, whirling energy centers suited to healing and meditation. 

14# Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte is a top ski destination, but it’s also a gorgeous site to visit in the summer to recharge your mind. The meadows are exploding with paintbrushes, columbine, lupine, and other flowers. The Taylor River, Gunnison River, and East River provide world-class trout fishing, kayaking, and rafting. Afterwards, enjoy cool beers and farm-to-table meals.

15# Amelia, Florida

For those seeking a quiet getaway, Amelia Island is a wonderful place to visit. It has 13 miles of coastline, stunning beaches, historical monuments, and more. Horseback riding down the dunes at sunset is one of the island’s most romantic activities.

A couple riding horses.

Riding horses with your partner is one of the most beautiful bonding activities.

Bottom line

All of these summer vacations in the U.S. for couples have a lot to offer. So, take your loved one by the hand and go stargazing under the skies of one of these wonderful places. Enjoy!

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