Life in the Desert

June 26, 2021
Palm Springs, a desert town in California

People often tend to misunderstand life in the desert. We usually think it’s hot, unvaried, and barren, with an abundance of sand and some scary animals. However, it’s not as simple as that. Deserts cover about one-fifth of our planet’s surface, and more than a billion people (one-seventh of the world’s population) live in them. So, they have managed to adapt and overcome many challenges. The desert is not necessarily hot because often there’s no moisture in the air, and as the sun goes down, it can get pretty cold. And, for example, if you live in the desert high above sea level, it might not be so hot even in the summer. There are many reasons why people like living in the desert, and we’ll mention some of them in the following article.

Lots of sunshine and beautiful sunsets

Deserts have wild beauty with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Weather is very predictable, and you can make plans in advance. You can plan a glorious picnic or any other outdoor activity knowing that there’s a huge chance that the weather will cooperate. That’s not true for many other parts of the world.

Furthermore, desert towns are great for observing beautiful sunsets and stunning landscapes. After watching a sunset, you can enjoy cool starry nights and more comfortable temperatures.

People sitting around a bonfire in the desert during nighttime

Watching an endless starry sky is one of the amazing experiences you can have in the desert.

No humidity

Living in the desert means you won’t have to deal with rivers of sweat running down your arms, legs, and face. That’s because sweat evaporates very fast, and you won’t be sticky. However, people in desert towns need to increase their daily water intake to stay hydrated and healthy.

No mosquitos

Biting insects can be very annoying. People in desert towns can leave their windows open without screens since there are no mosquitoes here! Life in the desert seems more appealing now, doesn’t it?

Rain is rare but amazing

When it rains in the desert, people are excited and go outside to enjoy it. Desert rain smells lovely. In other parts of the world, when it rains, people don’t consider it a big deal as they are used to it.

There’s also walking rain – rain that evaporates before it hits the ground. That’s really unique and amazing. However, if you somehow manage to get your shoes or clothes wet, you can be confident that they’ll dry very fast. The same is true when you do your laundry – the clothes will be dry in no time.

Storms are impressive

Deserts have many open skies, so you can see the lightning strikes from its origin to the ground. And that’s one impressive sight. Just think about it. Where else could you observe the movement of storms?

Fascinating rocks and cacti all around

Rocks of every sort can be found in the desert – red, brown, big, small, and they are all unique and amazing. Furthermore, those who practice hiking through the desert are fascinated by cacti because they have many varieties and unique ways of storing water. Blooming cactus flowers are even more pretty and colorful.

Desert plants are incredible – they adapted to a harsh environment, and they can last years without water. Some are even able to live for hundreds of years. Some of them have very long roots that reach down to deep underground water. That’s just one example of how nature is truly amazing.

Cacti in the desert

Cacti are a unique example of how nature always finds its way to survive and thrive, even in harsh environments.

Distinctive animals

People living in desert towns can see distinctive animals daily, such as cottontail rabbits, jackrabbits, antelope squirrels, lizards, hummingbirds, and doves. Sometimes they can see desert tortoises, roadrunners, owls, bighorn sheep, and chuckwallas. Coyotes, tarantula, scorpions, and snakes are seen occasionally, but there’s no reason to be afraid because they are more scared of people than people are from them. Desert wildlife has its space, but you can enjoy watching it from afar. People in the desert usually have a deep appreciation for animals and are generally more connected to nature.

Life in the desert is easier than ever with new technologies

Technology gave us tools that make our life much easier. The best examples of prosperity in the middle of the desert are Dubai and Las Vegas. Phoenix and other places in Arizona are also great examples of how people can thrive in the desert. They rely on imported goods and technology, which sustains life. Technology helps people to manipulate their surroundings and their living conditions. For example, indoor facilities have ideal temperatures, so people spend most of their day inside because it’s more comfortable.

A street and a hotel in Las Vegas

Life in the desert became easier than ever with the help of new technologies and industries.

Living in Nevada

When it comes to living in desert towns, Nevada is one of the popular states. Let’s look at the perks of living in Nevada in addition to plenty of sunshine and beautiful landscapes:

  • It’s one of the fastest-growing states (population-wise);
  • A solid economy, ever-growing startup scene, and an increasing number of job opportunities;
  • Proximity to Las Vegas – the city of endless entertainment,
  • Great opportunities for education;
  • Numerous housing options;
  • Residents have a lower overall tax burden compared to other states;
  • Many pet-friendly places across the state;
  • A plethora of outdoor recreational activities throughout the state (mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, etc.).

Like any other state, Nevada has some cons as well:

    • Living close to the Mojave Desert is excellent if you enjoy high temperatures and constant sunshine, but it may not be ideal for everybody;
    • Nevada has a slightly higher rate of crime compared to other states;
  • The cost of living may be higher;
  • Traffic problems are typical for some of Nevada’s cities, especially Las Vegas;
  • Living in or close to Las Vegas can be challenging to people struggling with some form of addiction such as gambling, etc.

The bottom line

The desert is a unique, beautiful, and fragile place where you can recharge your mindLife in the desert offers valuable lessons on awareness, growth, adaptability, and sustainability. Those living in desert towns are very fortunate because they are surrounded by outstanding, wild beauty incomparable to anything else.


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