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October 25, 2017

Benefits of Hiking with Your Pet

You’ve probably already heard how a fall hike with your pets is increasingly becoming a trend these recent years. It’s actually not surprising to know how more and more people are jumping on this bandwagon. After all, a Fall hike is a great form of exercise in the cool crisp air with the autumn leaves. It becomes even more fun when you do it with your furry friends.

But beyond fun, there are a number of benefits of hiking with your pet that can help boost your mental and physical health. Read on to know more about these benefits.


Outdoor Hiking with Your Pets

Addresses Boredom

The effects of boredom for your pet can get a little taxing if you do not address it. Any pet owner can attest that they start acting out and destroying stuff at home when there’s nothing else to do. This is why you need to keep them stimulated, both mentally and physically. Going on regular walks or hikes offer them a new environment to play in and discover. For sure, you’ve probably noticed how  excited they get when you open that door. It means they’re up for a big adventure every now and then.

Of course, boredom does not only affect your pets. People get bored, too. Instead of lying on the couch and watching TV, the outdoors can be beneficial to you. Try to disconnect from your computer, cellphone, and TV and get out there and discover more fun things to do near you.

Great Form of Exercise

Pets are a great ball of energy and this is one reason why we love them. However, sometimes this amount of energy becomes a little too destructive with our furniture and they may decide to chew it up some days. At times when our pets have too much energy to exert, it is good to divert this energy to something productive such as hiking. Exploring new terrains is  fun and exciting for them.

Pet owners get to benefit from this, too. Hiking is a good form of exercise as it builds your strength and reduces the risk of heart disease. It benefits the mind, body, and heart, and is definitely something you should do regularly if possible.

Builds Endurance

Hiking can be a preparatory activity for something else. The more you hike, the more you build your stamina. Your pet and yourself may be planning on doing other physical activities in the future and hiking can be your first step towards building the endurance that you will need in order to succeed in your plans.

If you are someone who is not much into physical activities, you can start by walking short distances until you are strong enough to hike various terrains. This is the idea behind building your endurance. You do not have to immerse yourself outright on difficult and long hikes. You and your pet can start slowly but surely, at a pace where you are both safe.

Helps Condition Your Pets to the Outdoors

Not all pets are built for the outdoors and even if they are, they could be scared at first. Hiking is one of the activities you can do with your pet to boost its enthusiasm when it comes to outdoor activities. The more it is exposed to the outdoors, the faster it will get accustomed to it.

The outdoors does not necessarily have to be hiking or other sporty activities. Outdoors can simply mean not being afraid to get into the car when you’re running an errand with your pet or when you’re walking them to the nearest grocery store. These are basic things that your pets may be afraid of if they are always just cooped up at home, doing nothing.

If you are a proud pet owner of a German Shepard, you probably should know that German shepherds need a lot of exercise and would benefit a lot from hiking. So ask yourself,  are they are smart and active? If yes, they would be great in the outdoors. Don’t lock them inside your apartment where they will only get bored and unhappy. Take them out for a walk or a hike where they can be in their natural element. You do not even have to worry too much about losing sight of them as they are known to be very loyal and devoted to their owners.

Hiking is Not Expensive

There are many ways in which you can add fun and entertainment to your pet’s life but, more often than not, they come with a hefty price: toys, treats, and whatnot. Hiking is a good bonding activity that you can do with your pet that does not require paying for expensive things. At most, you just have to pay for gas or transportation fees. Also, it is a great ice-breaker for a first date.

If you are on a budget but are willing to take your pets for a hike, you can always whip up something from the kitchen to bring with you during the hike. Also, for that added boost of energy on your part, do not forget to grab a coffeeThis will help you last longer and become more alert to take care of yourself and your beloved pet.

Stay Safe and Research Before Your Fall Hike


Outdoor Adventure

Different pets mean different temperaments. Some may be cool in the outdoors and then some may panic. Before going on a hike with your pet, make sure to do your research first. Read on about their breed and what they need. Or you can just simply observe them at home and see how they react to things, from hearing random noises outside to how they react to your command.

Speaking of command, make sure your pets are already trained to follow some basic orders. If you go on a hike with an untrained pet, you might end up losing them or losing your temper. Basic commands include requiring them to stay put or to stop. More importantly, they should be able to identify their names so in case they let loose, they will respond to your call and come back safely.

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