Domestic Travel Trends in the USA and Other Countries

July 10, 2021
Map symbolizing domestic travel trends in the US

After the Covid-19 consequences on the tourist industry, the post-lockdown vacation urge is at its highest peak. In an attempt to void having to deal with all sorts of limitations and border restrictions, tourists are taking the opportunity to explore destinations within their own countries.  People are hungry for travel, and finally, they are discovering the globetrotter gems that were right under their noses. The travel preferences have changed a lot, while some locations gained new attention. To understand the domestic travel trends in the US and other countries better, here are some patterns of the tourist rush of 2021.

Beaches and tropical getaways continue to attract tourists

As the warm summer approached, the urge to drink cocktails on the sunny beach followed. Even though the Maldives holiday might have been our initial choice, settling for local beaches is quite popular when it comes to domestic travel trends in the US. Destinations like San Diego, Florida Keys, Cancun, Miami, Malibu, and Oahu attract more visitors than ever. California, Florida, and Hawaii are the perfect tourist getaways for those who enjoy all-year-long summers, the best entertainment centers, and leisure opportunities. 

Usually, travelers opt for the package deal will all-inclusive resorts. That is the best way of spending a vacation for those who enjoy more isolated, luxury resorts. They offer not only peace and a comfortable ambient but also safety. Contactless payments, self-check-ins, and even Covid-19 tests on some locations provide the necessary social distancing for those who want to have a peaceful mind during the holidays. However, for the ones with a more limited budget, city beaches do the trick. Money is not always a guaranteed ticket for a good time. All we need is some sand, good weather, and great company, and we’ll get a perfect vacation.

Man resting on the beach resort

There is nothing more soothing than a smell and the sound of beach waves for any state of mind

Flexible booking options are a must

Even though the local economy and tourism are slowly recovering, we must be ready for the worst-case scenarios. In this case, for eager travelers, last-minute cancelations would be the dreading outcome. Therefore, many Americans are booking accommodation and flights with travel insurance!

Rising numbers of digital nomads

In 2020, a significant number of people lost their jobs due to companies downsizing. However, some managed to adapt to the situation by working remotely. Such change allowed people to work from afar but also enjoy the benefits of different scenery. Some did it because they wanted to combine work and pleasure, earning money while traveling. Others transferred to areas with lower costs of living to sustain themselves in the business. Therefore, some countries like Iceland, the South African Republic, Thailand, and Portugal decided to support the remote workers by providing the extended visa or different aiding programs. 

 Digital nomad working by the pool

Digital nomads can work anywhere with a great internet connection

People are considering settling in away from the big cities

Big city life will always attract business people and those with big dreams. But for some people, coronavirus had put things in a new perspective. Not only has the economy suffered, but our physical and mental health as well. Thus, a lot of people reconsidered their living situations and started looking for more affordable housing options. These homes provide the extra comfort, and yet all the amenities metropolises can offer. Cities like Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Huston were the popular choices last year, but it also appears that Southern California has been an attractive destination for many. A significant number of new homeowners have decided to settle in Southern California this year too. The beautiful weather and good work opportunities certainly have something to do with it. 

Nature is calling

The main focus is spending time in nature to escape modern urban life. National parks, nature reserves, and mountain resorts had tripled their visitor numbers in the past year. However, these usually family-targeted destinations are getting more expensive due to the sudden growth of upscale resorts and rental properties to satisfy the high tourism demands. Still, this year is all about healing our minds and bodies. And there is no better medium for it than nature itself. Therefore, it’s no wonder that money is not a deciding factor for some wayfarers.

 Family on the camping trip

The most popular domestic travel trends in the US include hiking, camping, and other healthy ways of spending vacations.

Wallet-friendly stays are the priority

Traveling with friends or family to a popular destination requires a certain budget. Even if you’ve made a trip itinerary and planed all expenses in advance, there will always be some additional costs, especially when it comes to famous destinations. But we often forget how big the US is and how many hidden gems it hides.  If we look more thoroughly and ask around locally, we can find some breathtaking places in each state. Arizona, for instance, has surprised many on their travels. The hunt for hidden secret places to visit is one of the popular domestic travel trends in the US, especially with millennials. It’s not only budget-friendly but exciting as well.

Family road trips are in

Last year’s stay-at-home summer allowed us to enjoy, bond, and fight with our family more than ever. We have gained a new perspective on family life and values. And for most of us, the party continues this year as well. Family road trips are pretty popular, and the longer the distance, the better. Only this time, international European destinations are not an option. From Legoland in Orange County and  Plymouth colony in Plymouth to always popular Colorado Springs, families combine historical and entertaining amenities on their road trips while trying to stay budget-friendly. Some even had the opportunity to experience the van life and fulfill the camping promises they gave their kids a long time ago.

A couple looking at a view next to a van

Nothing beats the old fashioned family road trip in the van


Current domestic travel trends in the US are a great help in the industry, reviving through the support of the local economy. Some patterns are the same as before, where tropical destinations continue to dominate. However, there are new trends, like exploring the less famous places and focus on nature resorts. But also, some people had the opportunity to taste the digital nomad lifestyle. Still, even with the noticeable progress, there is a long way until the full recovery of tourism worldwide. Instead of considering more easily reachable destinations a downside, it should be seen as a great way to open our eyes while saving some money and experiencing what’s under our noses.

van camping

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Author bio:  Jenny Logan is a 32-year-old gallery-commissioned artist who enjoys writing, tennis, and swimming. She is creative and extrovert, taking every opportunity to travel and explore places she read about online.

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