How Modelling Changed My Life: What Is Like To Be A Model

November 12, 2019
How modelling changed my life

Today’s blog is very unique and personal since I am going to talk about how modelling changed my entire life. I hope some of my lessons and experiences help you out.

Modelling is not just work, is a total lifestyle where you will learn to be aware of the fact that you have to do certain things to be able to make it in this industry.

Before, I am going to tell you guys the ins and out of this lifestyle and how modelling changed my perception of physical appearance

Being feature in many online catalogs, blogs and photo shoots, was no longer a dream for me but a reality.

I could hardly believe it! All I ever wanted was to earn good money while travelling the world while I accomplished recognition and a little bit of fame – all thanks to modelling, the engine of this unreal life I was living.

I was now able to travel the world all thanks to how modelling changed my lifestyle.

The Idea Of Beauty

How modelling changed my life

Inside Of What Is Like To Be A Model

Before I begin, let’s ask ourselves some questions to think about, regarding how we perceive beauty…  what is your idea of beauty? What would you change about yourself if you could? If you looked different or had less money, would your partner still love you for who you are?

When I started modeling, I couldn’t change my appearance until consulting my manager.

For example, I couldn’t cut my hair because I had an image to keep up, or I couldn’t make decisions about alternating my image on my own since I had a certain appearance and contracts to legally comply and pretty much everything else you can think of.

It can also be the other way around, maybe your agency will ask you to cut or dye your hair because they think it will suit you better and they want you to be the best version of yourself.

I Became A Workaholic

I Became A Workaholic

Working on a modelling contract means you have to be available all the time, 7 days a week any time of the day.

I used to work long hours, sometimes 12 to 15 hours a day, that and many other reasons is how modelling changed my work-life balance –spoiler alert; there was no balance only work!

I will start my day with 2 hours on make-up, one hour on hair and more than 30 minutes in the wardrobe section in order to be ready to shoot a new commercial that will take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours per day.

I had to work a lot because I knew nothing was guaranteed – I could be out of work the next day. And my looks could be gone anytime. So I would take any and every job I could.

The result was that I became exhausted and sick. I had an anxiety attack one day while shooting a music video.  I had to take an anxiety pill to calm me down, go home and rest for the rest of the day.

Not being able to work has been the most frightening experiences so far

No Private Life: Stick With Your Serious Selfies

Serious Selfies

Stick With Your Serious Selfies

Let’s be honest… you can’t just post anything you want out there in social media.

When your friends are posting crazy party pictures on Instagram, you have to stick to your serious selfies or the perfect photo of your Italian salad you had for lunch.

Since social media has now become a really important thing in the modelling industry, a lot of clients looking to book you will go through your social media before even inquiring a meet and greet.

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How Modelling Changed Me: Who Am I?

Modelling life can be extremely challenging and also scary. I also discover that making a lot of money at a young age was great, but I found that the responsibility of managing it was overwhelming.

It also made me question why people were really attracted to me? And If I looked different will my friends remain my friends? Where will I be without this social status?

It had occurred me that was building my life on things that weren’t secure

True Definition of Beauty

How modelling changed my life

What is like to be a model

Beauty is not physical appearance; its’ what’s found inside and what’s in your heart.

Humility is the real beauty although is not popular in the fashion industry

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By Greta Hernandez

Greta Hernandez writes for Chillwall on trendy events, fitness, lifestyle near me and around the world

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