Gift Ideas For Fitness-Minded People

November 29, 2019
Gift Ideas

Finding the right fitness gift ideas for someone is always hard, even if you know them well. What if you get something they already have? Can you find something in the right price range? And above all else, what Fitness gift ideas do you get them?

If you are shopping for someone who exercises and stays fit, then you’re in luck. Read on to get some gift ideas of what to buy for fitness-minded people this holiday season, including what not to buy in the first place.

Gift Ideas

Fitness Gifts Ideas

With These Gift Ideas

Because so many people are looking for quick fitness fixes, there are a lot of exercise-related gifts that are simply not worth buying. Some are ineffective, while others are a complete waste of money. lists several you should avoid.

A sauna suit might promise you can lose weight through sweating, but that’s dangerous. (And it doesn’t work.) Shake Weights are almost a joke — and they do not help build muscle tissue. Diet and nutrition books can be hit-or-miss. Some are great, while many are unsupported by science and scams. And although pole dancing is an exotic way to get some good exercise, a home pole dancing kit is not safe.

Fitness Gifts Ideas

Christmas Fitness Gifts

Gifts Ideas That Support Fitness & Exercise

Then what are some gift ideas that actually make sense? Of course, that depends on how your friend likes to stay fit. If they focus on diet, getting something food-related will work. If they use a lot of free weights, a gym membership could be just the thing. But as Glamour notes, there are some gifts great for almost all fitness-minded people on your list.

A travel yoga mat is great for those who meditate or do yoga. And if they don’t, they should probably start, as yoga has great benefits.

A gym beauty organizer holds more than makeup. It’s great for shower items for taking a shower after a workout.

A merino wool hoodie is great gift idea for cyclists and joggers alike.

Since staying hydrated is so important in any exercise routine, a nonplastic water bottle can be safely cleaned and reused over and over again.

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Another great idea is a fitness tracker. These are wearable devices can do everything from monitoring

the heart rate to counting calories burned. Some trackers can forward the data to a smartphone so your fitness-minded friend can keep track of how much they’ve exercised each day.

Exercising The Mind

Getting fit isn’t always easy, but gift ideas like fitness trackers and yoga mats can help keep your friend motivated. However, poor mental health can ruin their physical health. That’s because the body and mind are interconnected. While exercise can help improve your mental health, there are gifts you can buy to help more directly.

Believe it or not, one of the best is a musical instrument. Studies have shown that learning and playing an instrument can do wonders for your mental health. While a guitar or piano might be prohibitively expensive, many people are now trying a ukulele. It’s small, easy to play, and more affordable.

Other unusual gift ideas for fitness lovers is a video game. While most don’t offer any benefits at all, there are games that involve a lot of motion and activity. For example, Zumba Fitness is a video game where you dance and get exercise as in a Zumba class.

Buy The Right Gift

It’s never easy buying a holiday gift for a friend. If they are into fitness and health, skip items like sauna suits or shake weights. Instead, look into a fitness tracker and even a musical instrument. This can help your friend stay healthy, which they are sure to enjoy this holiday season.

If you are on a budget, do not forget one of the best ideas, get outside and enjoy the outdoors even just a walk or discover free events near me that could be unexpected fun gift ideas like free yoga meetups for first timers.

Written By: Travis White

Travis White writes about food in his spare time. He enjoys showing LearnFit visitors how to cook restaurant-quality meals at home.

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