Why Travel Helps the Mind?

November 30, 2019
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Keep reading to find out the reasons why travel helps the mind. Travel is ideal for our mental health helping us combat boredom, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

That’s not just our opinion. It’s the verdict of numerous science-based studies on the topic. So, whether you’re in need of a quick mental makeover or a clean, fresh start on your entire life, give some thought to seeing the world—or at least a small corner of it.

Why Travel Helps the Mind?

Why Travel Helps the Mind?

Mental Health

Fear is the basis of many forms of mental illness, according to Psychology Today magazine. To understand why to consider that each of us has a built-in emergency response. Historically, this biological mechanism has served us well. Imagine you’re a cave dweller roaming the earth a few thousand years ago when you spot a hungry tiger sizing you up. Your body tenses, your senses become acute, and you feel a surge of energy in your limbs.

Without this reaction, you would stay in one spot and let the tiger turn you into a midday snack. That kind of casual acceptance of death may appeal to a Zen master, but it offers little help to those whose goal is to live as long as possible.

You can see why the fear of danger offers many practical benefits. But, like anything else, a healthy fear becomes unhealthy when it’s overdone. When this happens, your brain sees threats lurking behind every corner. You feel like your nervous system is stuck in overdrive, and you become distrustful of other people, even those who bear you no ill will.

This is where the mental health benefits of travel come into the picture and help individuals with any stress or mental health issues they are facing. People who take the time to explore other lands and other cultures display enhanced openness to new experiences. This means that the simple act of stepping outside your usual surroundings helps you to face every aspect of your life with more confidence. You do not have to travel far though to experience these benefits and this is one main reason why travel helps the mind.

Heightened Creativity

There’s more, openness to experience is far from the only benefit that comes from travel to help the mind. Other advantages include:

Travel helps the mind by improving the brain’s ability to form new connections and discover new insights. This quality can help you to uncover solutions to problems that once seemed unsolvable. By meeting new people and going to unfamiliar places, you’re also forced to try new things and make different types of decisions. Exposure to new cultures and situations may lead to you perceive things differently than at home and will make you see the world from the outside. Unique things to do near you are happening all the time but you must be up for an adventure.  Check out more things to do and Events in Los Angeles here!

Reduced Stress

Those who skip taking an annual vacation pay a steep price in terms of overall well-being, according to a study published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal which is why annual traveling helps the mind. Going too long with no break or vacation increases tension promotes depression, and aggravates negative emotions. Traveling takes us away from our regular routine and gives us some peace of mind. It also reduces stress and alleviates the symptoms of depression.Whether you decide to travel alone, with friends, or a loved one – the reduction of stress and stepping out of reality for a while can make a huge positive impact on your overall performance at work, school, and your day-to-day life.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Want to avoid a heart attack? Then take a vacation, not only does travel help your mind but it can also help with your overall health. That’s the verdict of a research project sponsored by the University of Massachusetts that tracked a group of middle-aged men over a nine-year period. Researchers found that males who choose not to vacation are far more likely than their peers to experience heart-related medical problems. The choice is clear: Spend your leisure time on a beach or in a hospital. Which option sounds like more fun?

Why Travel Helps the Mind?

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Improved Social Skills

When you’re traveling, you’re going to need to communicate with different kinds of people. Not only do you need language skills, but you’ll need social skills as well and this is another main reason why travel is a key to keeping a healthy mind. You may even find that when you’re out of your regular environment, it actually becomes easier to be open and make friends or just give you confidence. Improve your social skills this weekend and check out more Events in London here!

Preparing for the Trip

Getting the most fun out of your travel adventure is easier when you make sure everything at home is in good order. So here are some essential steps to take before beginning your trip and make sure your travels help your mind in a positive way:

1.   Suspend mail and newspaper delivery. Nothing makes it clearer that you’re not home than a mailbox overflowing with unopened envelopes.

2.   Turn off the main water valve to your home if it will remain unoccupied while you’re gone. The last thing you need is to return home to a flooded house.

3.   Hire a pet sitter to care for your four-legged family members. Are you a pup parent? If so, then arrange for a sitter to walk your dog on a regular basis. Make sure you have enough food and medicine for your pet.

4.   Ask a trusted friend, relative, or neighbour to drop by on occasion to check things out. Ask this person to park a car in your driveway on occasion and to pick up any packages that have been delivered. Also, make sure to leave your emergency contact information.

5.   Leave a light on or invest in a motion-activated outdoor light. This acts as a great theft deterrent.

6.   If you’re planning a longer trip, make sure the grass is cut, outdoor plants are watered, and your yard is taken care of while you’re gone. If necessary, arrange for a landscaper to come by.

7.    Clean out your refrigerator. To make sure you don’t come home to spoiled food, you’re going to want to remove perishable items that will expire while you’re away.

8.   Take out the trash. There’s nothing worse than arriving home from an enjoyable trip only to walk into a smelly kitchen.

Nothing promotes positive mental health like leisure travel. Additional benefits include improved physical health and social skills. So don’t put off that next vacation any longer. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip to a better mind!

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