Epic Winter Festivals Happening In 2019

November 17, 2018
epic winter festivals

Discover epic winter festivals all over the world here!

Contrary to popular opinion, winter is jam-packed with the most entertaining events that go down every year.

Winter festivals are extremely vibrant, lively and varied.

In the spite of the cold weather, people look forward to this season because many season holidays and cultural celebrations take place around this time.

I always try to make the most of the cold season with these winter festivals, which involve everything from skiing, snowboarding, to music to ice sculptures and carnival parades!

A large number of festivals are held annually around the globe, but I’ve made the top 5 most fun filled festivals you don’t want to miss, discover our top epic winter festivals below:

Venice Carnival, Italy

Venice Carnevale is an explosion of color and fashion creativity, an experience you will never forget.

Bright blue skies, fabulous parades make Venice Carnival one of the greatest events of its kind in the world.

This carnival is one of the oldest festivals held in Venice, Italy.

The festival is world famous for its amazing and unique masks that people wear during this event.

There are many more epic winter festivals which you can attend during the Venice festival each year. Find more about these events and festivals at events in Venice while you visit Italy.

Carnaval De Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain


February in the Canary Island is synonymous with colourful dancing parades and extravagant floats.

Tenerife is known for beautiful vistas, great nightspots and luxurious resorts.

But you can’t say you have seen all Tenerife until you have been there for carnival.

This riotous festival is world-famous for its wildness, dazzling costumes and endless dancing!

Nice Carnaval, France

Fabulous parades and perfumes flower battles on the promenade des Anglais make Nice Carnival one of the epic winter festivals of its kind in the world.

From February 16th to March 2rd, the glamorous capital of the Cote d’Azur transforms as a backdrop for a series of theater performances, colorful stalls, fireworks and striking parades featuring elaborately decorated floats and giant papier mache figurines.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

One of the largest festivals of the world is the Quebec Winter Carnival held in Canada.

The festivals event include a winter amusement park with attraction such as: skiing, snow rafting, ice sculptures, snow sled slides and outdoor shows.

Come experience one of the world’s largest epic winter festivals in beautiful Quebec, every year thousands of visitors experience a host of winter activities in events in Montreal including night parades, snow sculptures, shows and skating.

The carnival is a unique experience you won’t want to miss!

Discover more epic winter festivals and activities this winter


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By Greta Hernandez

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