Unique Date Ideas To Do in Toronto

November 19, 2018
unique date ideas

Toronto offers unique date ideas for more adventurous couples.

Forget dinner and a movie, try something new!

Unusual ideas for a first date in Toronto are for people who are sick of the old dazzle of the wine and dine.

These activities will definitely get the conversation flowing between you and your date, and maybe you ‘will both even realize you’ve found the perfect couple hobby.

If you are looking for something different to do with your special someone, say no more.

Consider some of these unique date ideas:

Test Your Nerve With Toronto’s Edgewalk

Okay so scratch conversations… how about some adrenaline rush at 365 metres above ground?

If you are looking for a totally unique date ideas, the CN tower edgewalk will bring you closer to your special someone at this 1.5 metre-wide ledge around the top of the towers main pod.

Walkers  get suited up in fire engine red jumpsuits and yellow harness for a stunning, breathtaking open air view of Toronto and lake Ontario.

Warning:  only allowed for those with nerves of steel to walk on the edge! – Literally

Go “Skydiving”

Shaking up date night is a great way to revisit your relationship, and no better way than doing so with an out-of-the-ordinary date like skydiving!

So prepare to skydive without having to jump out of a plane!

iFly Toronto makes the dream of flight a reality with indoor skydiving in a safe and fun environment.

This is where your dream of flying becomes a reality.

This one of absolutely favourite unique date ideas to do! so put on your flight gear and ready for a truly thrilling experiences.

It’s an unforgettable feeling of floating in the air.

Laugh Your Socks Off At Second City

Laughter is the best medicine indeed.

Did you know laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving resistance to disease.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals.

Find those feel good chemicals at the comedy club Second City! a super popular comedy show located in downtown Toronto.

Comedy shows maximize the benefits of laughing; especially in the laughs have you holding in your tummy.

Whether it be a first date with someone you finally mustered up the courage to ask out, or just a light hearted girl’s night out, a comedy show is a great environment to be with people you adore.

There are many comedy shows in Toronto that offer improv classes and shows, don’t miss out on these unique date ideas at events in Toronto, they won’t disappoint!

Archery Tag


If you’ve ever wanted to feel like real-life robin hood, then you come to the right part of this blog.

Let your inner Katniss and challenge your date to an epic game or archery tag.

This is ideal for couples or friends who are looking to enjoy some friendly competition.

The concept of the sport is similar to a game of dodge ball, with the exception that instead of a ball, it is played with a bow and arrow like Archery dodge ball.

Archery is fun, active and an exhilarating experience; think of dodge ball and paintball mixed together with an ancient combat feel

Ontario offers many other fun dates experiences outside of Toronto, for more fun experiences in other cities like in Kitchener, make sure to check out events in Kitchener for more unique date ideas for your next date!

Discover more unique date ideas in other cities!


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