Break Your Winter Blues With These Amazing Activities

December 16, 2016

There are some people who actually wait for winter, and here are the best places for them to travel when the snow finally hits …

Christmas in Manhattan

Manhattan is a place that is actually better in the winter. Around Christmas, light shows are projected onto the sides of buildings. The city is renowned for its elaborate window displays, so head to Bloomingdale’s to see their famous window then grab a hot chocolate and walk down Fifth Avenue to see how the different stores outdo each other with their light displays.

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Alaskan Cruises

Cruises through Alaska are all about beauty. Rather than soak up the sun, experience tall ice peaks poking out of the icy pacific ocean and snow-topped mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. Try a cruise line like Norwegian, which is renowned for Alaskan excursions.

Aspen, Colorado

There are 4 mountains in Aspen, making it a hotspot for winter sports. Aspen is known for its restaurants and boutiques (all of which are high-end) as well as its sites. The small buildings and street lamps make it the cutest Christmas village in the world (its actually more known for its winter activities than summer ones).

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Pub Crawling in the UK

Pub-crawling in the UK is awesome during winter because you can escape the cold in their heated, cozy pubs with a pint (you can grab some of the best Irish coffee in the UK, if you need something warm).

Banff, Alberta

People actually wait for winter to visit Banff. Enjoy ice walks, sightseeing tours, sleigh rides and dog sledding. This is the place to be for winter sports lovers.

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Mont Blanc, Quebec

This Quebec resort has winter sports for everyone. There are about 41 trails for skiing, as well as a snow park. There are amazing amenities here including 4-star condominiums and less expensive rooms in the main ski lodge. There are also pools, saunas and hot tubs (indoor and outdoor).

European Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are stunning in Europe and they only happen in winter (obviously). Vienna has some of the oldest Christmas markets in the world like in front of Vienna City Hall, and in Germany, the Dresden market dates back to 1434 and serves the famous German Christmas cake.

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Château Laurier, Quebec

This luxury downtown hotel located near Canada’s parliament building has the charm of a French château complete with limestone edifice and turrets. During winter they have activities such as skating paths and the world’s longest skating rink. What other city knows how to do winter this well?

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Okemo Mountain Resort

This is considered one of the best resorts in the world for winter activities. There are a whopping 667 acres of skiable land, and one of the steepest vertical drops in Vermont. At night, visit their Spring House for a massage or dine at one of their winter only restaurants like Epic or Snowcat Dining Adventure (where you can dine in the mountains).

Keystone Resort

Skiing, tubing and ice-skating all take place within 2 unique villages at this Colorado resort. They have a massive night skiing operation with 3,148 acres of skiable terrain. They also offer every type of lodging to fit every type of budget, so there is something for everyone. What’s more, they have a spa with an extensive menu for maximum pampering.

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Written by Kent Austin

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