Top 5 Social Media Influencers Who Are Absolutely Killing It On Instagram

November 14, 2018
social media influencers

Social media influencers are known to endorse opinions about products and help spread viral conversation about brands online.

In recent years brands have been using so called “Influencers” – beauty bloggers, fashionistas or fashion gurus, gaming addicts and fitness gurus – as the face of their advertisements.

We now live in a world where becoming Instagram famous is actually a job and successful influencers are living proof of that.

It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to stand out in the crowded Instagram world, but once you do it can be a super rewarding field.

These influencers are Insta goals!

Mona Chalabi

Mona describes herself as a “journalist who really loves numbers” she is a data editor for the Guardian and uses self taught illustrations methods to bring data to life.

Her Instagram illustrations cover everything in a creative yet informative way, from body hair removal to the popularity of nose jobs in the US to the number of decapitated animals found in New York parks.

As one of the media-news top social media influencers on Instagram, her tongue-in-cheek- approach have won her account immovable place in our hearts.

What does Mona really do? ” I look for the most accurate and recent numbers and then I try to share them with the public by using illustrations and animations. All that searching and creating becomes more urgent when there’s a subject like gun control or immigration where the public need to understand the numbers if they want to take action like putting pressure on the politicians that represent them”

Florence Given

This UK based artist should be on your radar.

Florence Given is a UK based artist, feminist and social activist who is using her playful illustration to spark conversations and admiration on Instagram.

Her feminist journey started at the age of fourteen and decided she didn’t want to wear a bra anymore, her classmates which were mostly girls, would stare or discuss the fact that you could see the shape of her nipples through her shirt.

Confused about their concern, she started researching and discovering the female body is heavily sexualized. She has been on a quest to empower women ever since.

Farah Dhukai

Your ultimate beauty blogger

If you love natural skincare as much as I do, you will be obsessed with one of our top social media influencers Farah Dhukai.

This skincare queen has shared a lot of natural remedies to combat multiple skincare concerns, from growing your eyebrows fast to lighten dark lips.

Farah’s got you covered!

I’ve loved all of her skincare postings; with every Instagram post she shared she proves that nature is your best friend and that you can ditch your expensive beauty products for good.

Daniella Monet

“To put it simply, happiness is making an impact beyond ourselves, happiness is being vegan”

Daniella is a popular actress best known for playing numerous guest roles in Nickelodeon comedies.

I love following her because she has been a long-time vegan activist who has followed a plant-based diet nearly 16 years.

Eating plant based foods is a great way to protect your health, the environment and of course animals.

In her efforts to save the planet, she exposes everyday meat eaters to vegan food, recipes and every day tips on her Instagram account, you go girl!

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Alison Teal

Get ready to join Alison Teal, extreme adventurer, film maker and soul surfer in her wild adventures around the world and one of our favorite social medial influencers you must follow right now!

Since adventure filmmaker Alison grew up all over the world; she combines story telling with her love of exploration to create “Alison’s adventures”

She styles herself as a “female Indiana Jones” travelling the world with her pink surfboard and sharing her Instagram stories of survival and sustainability in hopes of educating and inspiring people.

I love this kind of influencer, someone that shows and cares about our ecosystem. We need more social media influencers like her to follow!

Other social media influencers to follow now

Inspirational vloggers

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By Greta Hernandez

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