5 Best Winter Experiences Around The World

November 10, 2018
best winter experiences

Discover the best winter experiences here!

Winter adventures aren’t just for the thrill seekers who find passion in snowboarding and skiing.

We took to the challenge of finding those welcoming cultural experiences to delight your wanderlust senses and cover you in snow lit wonder.

Tip: Don’t procrastinate on booking these cold-weather thrills, since the only season you can experience them is the dead cold of winter.

Check out these winter experiences that are filled with culture, bonfires, seasonal celebrations, hot drinks and plenty of unforgettable best winter experiences:

Ice Caving In Iceland


Iceland is known as the land of ice thanks to its many breathtaking glaciers and volcanoes.

And in Iceland you can actually go INSIDE the glaciers, yup!  How cool is that?

The only time you can visit these gorgeous ice caves in Iceland is in the winter from approx from Nov- Mid March, since it it’s impossible to go inside the caves until the cold winter temperatures return.

Some tour companies will combine an ice cave glacier hiking excursion, which will be a great way to see both interior and exterior of a glacier.

That being said, with such short window of time to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of these crystal structures, ice caves tour can fill up quick.

So make sure you book well in advance to explore one of the best winter experiences; Ice caves are sure to create lasting memories, to ensure you don’t miss out on amazing winter events in Iceland, make sure to check out events in Reykjavik for events and festival in Iceland.

Stay In A Ice Hotel in Sweden

Perhaps it’s the short days and cold temperatures but people seem to really dislike winter.

Call me crazy but I think winter is actually one of the best seasons.

I can’t think of a better place to take in winters wonders that from inside a ice hotel!

The ice hotel is one of the most sought-after winter getaways on earth and the hotel is also an art exhibition made of ice from the river Torne and every year is reincarnated in a brand new design.

Sleep In An Authentic Snow Igloo In Finland

Most people like ice with their drinks, but what about with their hotel accommodations?

Check out one of the best winter experiences in Finland by sleeping in your very own authentic snow igloo!

The glass-enclosed rooms at this igloo come fully heated with en-suite bathrooms and private lounge areas.

Every year, igloo hotels are recreated entirely from mounds of snow and ice and feature some of the most unique accommodations for winter lovers.

Ice Skating In Central Park

Central park ice skating offers the best of two worlds – you can skate in a lovely park but still feel like you are in the middle of a big city.

The rink is surrounded by tress but still close enough to midtown for the skyline to tower above.

So lace up your skates to one of the best winter experiences for the best outdoor ice skating New York has to offer and make sure you don’t miss out many other winter events by checking events in New York this winter.

Catching The Northern Lights In Sweden


One of my favorite best winter experiences will have to be seeing the Northern Lights at Abisko, and the best time to see them is between November and end of March.

If seeing them is high up to on your bucket list, Sweden is a very good place to start and without a shadow of doubt, it’s one of the best countries on Earth for aurora spotting.

Experiencing the best winter experiences solo

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