How To Meet People While Traveling Alone

April 5, 2018
How To Meet People While Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Many people who travel alone, tend to do it often. It allows us to have time for ourselves and do exactly what we want to do without other opinions. It also allows us to think deeply, and find our true happiness. As there are many perks to traveling alone, it can get awkward, lonely, and repetitive. I mean – who wants to eat dinner alone every single night? Meeting people is super important to have for parts of your trip if you’re traveling alone and here are some ways to meet people while traveling alone!


Traveling alone is all about being able to do things that you normally wouldn’t do – and if this means coming out of your comfort zone then Couchsurfing is a great opportunity. If you speak to anyone who has done this before – it is likely that they will recommend it and tell you that they had the best time and met amazing people. Couchsurfing is for people who want to go out into the world and meet new people. Through Couchsurfing, you can get the opportunity to attend parties and other events where you can meet new people and get to chat with fellow travelers. Check out more things to do alone while traveling and Events in Calgary here!

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Language Classes

Language classes are great for people who don’t speak the language of the country they are visiting. Here you can find fellow travelers who hopefully speak the same language as you – and you can make friends easily by bonding over having no clue how to say one word of the language spoken in the place you are visiting! Together, you and your fellow classmates can learn together and get to know each other and the language better.

How To Meet People While Traveling Alone

Making Friends on Instagram How To Meet People While Traveling Alone


Instagram is a great way to find other people with the same interest as you while traveling alone. Whether you love following fashion bloggers, freelance photographers, or foodies – just DM someone you find has the same interests as you that you follow from the country you are visiting and ask to meet up! Most of the time – people are usually very friendly and want to get to know other Instagrammers of the world, this can make for a great photo op, and a chance to maybe try new cool local foods and go places that you would never know of.


AirBnB is another great place to find local people to hang out with. AirBnB allows you to stay at someones home, and if you want to get to know a new city – the host of your AirBnB will be more than happy to introduce you to new places, or even invite you to go to places with them if they know you’re alone! The host will recommend places and events that only locals know about – this way you can really get to know the places you are visiting and meet some really cool people. Click here to find out more fun things to do and Events in Montreal here!


How To Meet People While Traveling Alone

Meeting Someone New at a Conference How To Meet People While Traveling Alone

Conferences and Gatherings

If you want another great way to meet people while traveling alone – its to join a conference or gathering of some sort. You can likely find a paid participant or group to join and either volunteer or buy a ticket to participate. This is a great way to network in something that you are passionate about or even an event that is related to your career path or your education.

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