The 5 Safest Cities In The World For Solo Travelers

November 8, 2018

If you are nervous about travelling abroad, why not visit the 5 safest cities in the world?

Whether its by choice or because your schedule does not fit with someone else’s, solo traveler is a fascinating ride that every person should experience at least once in their life.

A new report from Gallup, the 2018 Global Law and Order report, ranks placed around the world based on how people feel about their safety.

If you an independent chic who has been dreaming of exploring the world as a solo traveler make sure to check out these solo travel ideas and helpful pieces of travel advice; here are the top 5 safest cities in the world according to the report:

Reykjaik, Iceland

Safest Cities

Safest Cities To Visit

Epic island is more popular than ever and one of the safest cities to travel alone in the world.

As a matter of fact it is ranked numerous uno in the Global Peace Index regarding peacefulness or regions around the world.

Finland, Helsinki

While Finland ties for second place in Gallup’s ranking, it was named the safest country in the world last year by the world economic forum, and its capital has been named the world second safest city in the world

The raking assessed cities worldwide, taking into account internal stability, crime levels, performance of local law enforcement and relationships with other countries.

Canada, Montreal

Canada is a country with a massive size and small population.

Montreal, originally called Ville-Marie, is the second largest city in Canada and its full of culture and history.

The French influence is hard to miss. Historic and modernity are the juxtapositions that characterize this city.

Montreal is a regular on lists of most livable cities and according to the report, its the eight best place to visit since rate of violence is very low

Guatemala , Zaculeu

If you are looking for interesting and safest cities to travel, look no further than Guatemala and its highly touted Mayan Ruins.

This is considered to be white city of the Mayans and unlike most of the Mayan ruins most people visit, Zaculeu is located on the outskirts of the little known city of Huehuetenango in western Guatemala which is about an hour drive from Mexico.

Not only does it have a plethora of cultural and historic attractions, but is an inexpensive place to travel, learn Spanish, kayaking and white-water rafting.

Guatemala has wonderful and unique places to explore and it will take me a while to list them all! For more events, activities and festivals to attend while in Guatemala make sure to check out events in Antigua next time you are visiting this wonderful country in Central America.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Small Denmark is a quiet oasis in Scandinavian part of Europe.

Despite size and popularity of Denmark’s capital city, it maintains an impressively low rate of criminal activity.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is without a shadow of doubt one of the safest cities and most intimate place to travel alone in Europe.

Travelling to Denmark is very safe, its highly ranked on the list of safest countries on earth.

However, pickpocket, petty thefts bag snatching do occur, however relatively rare.

Discover beautiful places to visit while you are in Copenhagen by visiting events in Copenhagen and make this visit to Europe unforgettable!

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