Here’s Why You Should Visit Medellin Colombia Before You Die 

November 2, 2018
Visit Medellin Colombia Before You Die

The story Narcos doesn’t tell about Medellin Colombia:

Twenty five years ago Time magazine dubbed Colombia Medellin “The most dangerous city” on earth; where drug lords lived like princes, judges and policeman where either assassinated or worked for the cartel and ordinary people would disappear overnight without a trace.

Even 10 years ago, Medellin was a “bad-ass-town” with a high homicide, violence and corruption rates, and it was worldwide known as the capital of the cocaine business.

Known locally as the “city of eternal spring” for its mild mountain climate, it had become the city of eternal violence.

Fast forward to the present and Medellin is a delightful place with a growing economy that is among the fastest growing on the continent, it is one of the great success stories of Latin America.

Today Medellin Colombia feels new-born, where everywhere you turn there seems to be new things happening.

And to convince you even more about this magnificent city, here are some facts about Medellin Colombia that you’d never thought to visit (but you probably should)

Nice All Year Long Weather

Nicknamed the city of eternal spring, Medellin Colombia has a year round average temperature of 27 Fahrenheit.

You may see more rain depending of the tine of the year however Medellin’s mild temperature ensure that you can visit any time of the year.

Before you pack your bags; for events, festivals and things to do in Medellin make sure to visit events in Medellin  to explore the best of the city.

Vibrant And Colorful City

What was once the city’s roughest section has evolved into its most colorful city treasure– and it’s Instagram gold.

There is history and culture everywhere; from monuments to murals, the public art scene sweeping Medellin is stunning.

Friendly And Welcoming People

In my experience in over the 3 times I have visited Medellin Colombia, if you make the effort and take time, paisas and Colombians in general are very friendly and welcoming people.

And Medellin is the perfect place to explore if you want to soak up the Colombia culture and interact with friendly paisas. In many cases they will go out of their way to help you.

Music And Dance

The country has rich music and unique places to get your salsa and vallenato fix. Colombia is such a culturally rich and a diverse country and its dance reflects this.

In Medellin is possible to dance salsa, party and eat late at night authentic Colombian street food any night of the week.

Colombian Food In Medellin Colombia Is Unreal

I’m in love with Colombian food. I have to say Colombian food is truly AMAZING.

Typical Colombian dishes are varied as the country’s geographic regions.

However there is a dish that can easily be considered a national treasure and that is “Bandeja Paisa” and there are many other dishes that are just as popular.

And to be honest, I’m not sure if I had ever had a bad meal in Medellin.

Why Medellin?

Every time someone asks me how was Medellin, I spend far too long trying to justify how cool I think the city is and why I think they should visit.

That’s probably because there’s something about Medellin that I cannot fully explain in words.

To me, the best answer to “why Medellin” is that there are many benefits of visiting Medellin that greatly outweighs the downside.

Medellin like many other cities in South America offers many local events, city art and well recognized art museums; to explore more cities like Medellin in South America make sure to check out events in Buenos Aires next time you visit Argentina.

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