Going To Live Concerts Will Help You Live Longer

April 13, 2018
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How Many times do you usually go to live concerts? How do you feel before, after, and through the concert? And the last question with who do you go usually? All these questions related to how concerts affecting in your life. A lot of studies saying that going to concerts will help you live longer. Keep reading to know how concerts effecting in our lives.

According to some research it’s recommended to keep going to live concerts regularly. U.K. music venue O2 and the expert in behavioral science Patrick Fagan said going to live shows can lead to nine years of extended life Their study found that simply going to concerts on a regular basis had a greater impact on well-being than some physical activities. That’s mean when you attend a concert for Jay-z or Shakira, they will not just give you happiness or just dancing but can also extend your life. Now maybe you are asking yourself how it must be true?

Imagine that you heard about concert for your favorite musician after 2 weeks or more and you got the tickets. You will feel the energy at the moment of getting the tickets and you can’t wait for 2 weeks. At the same day of the concert you will count each minute to see your favorite one on the stage. Then in the concert you will get all the full positive energy and happiness until the last minute of the concert you see how much it will affect in your life when you go regularly to your favorite live concerts. Check music events in London to feel the positive power.

The studies say that when you are in the crowd the feelings of wellbeing increase automatically by 21% after the first 20 minutes of the live concerts. Also, the feeling of self-worth and closeness to others will increase by 25%. Feeling of mental hyperactive and happiness will improve the mental stimulation by 75% specially the moment when the performer showing up on the stage. The research showing that 67% of surveyed saying experiencing live music make them happier that listening to music at home. Fagan says. “Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”

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Another Finland research in 2013 showing that “children who took part in singing classes had higher satisfaction rates at school.”. Also, A study by a team at University of Missouri published research in The Journal of Positive Psychology stating that joyful music had a “significantly positive effect” on good health. In the results of all these studies if you want to live longer go to live concerts once every two weeks or more. When you go regularly you would feel the sense of togetherness that you experience at a live show that gives you those good feelings. Discover more music events in Las Vegas this weekend.

Positive power, happiness, dancing, and feeling good all these factors to help you live longer come together in live concerts. Don’t just listen to music at home or alone that’s not enough to feel it, you need to live the experience with your friends and the crowd. Go to live concerts and live longer.

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By Tarek Alkhiami

Tarek writes for Chillwall on fun events near me around the world.

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