Top 10 Outdoor Art in NYC this Summer

July 9, 2017
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Summer outdoor activities are our favourite things to do in New York. In New York City you are privileged to enjoy Outdoor Art all summer long .  Summer brings us variety of different fun, colourful, free activities. From summer camps, to music festivals, carnivals, outdoor movies, and sport. One of our favourite activities in summer time specially on rainy days is visiting art exhibits, art shows, and museums. New York’s art shows are prominent all year around, however, exploring art exhibits is one the most popular activities in New York City every summer. New York is home to most creative and inspiring artists in the world.  Here is the list of best outdoor art in NYC this summer.


Bjorn Skaarup, Hippo Ballerina
Features two outdoor sculpture near Lincoln Center is the brainchild of Danish artist Bjorn Okholm Skaarup. Hyacinth Hippo from the Disney film, Fantasia and the Little Dancer Aged Fourteen by Impressionist master Edgar Degas. Dante Park, W 63rd St between Columbus Ave and Broadway.

Nari Ward, G.O.A.T., again
This outdoor installation showcases six sculptures by African American artist based on the eponymous animal. According to Nari the solo artist of the Great Of All Time, (G. O.A.T), this exhibits explore “how hubris creates misplaced expectations in American cultural politics” and express the legendary Muhammed Ali.

Jenny Sabin Studio, Lumen
This surreal forest of tubular warm-up MOMA guests in the courtyard. The solar light up the piece.
Liz Glynn, Open House
The ghosts of New York’s sumptuous Gilded Age past are summoned in this sculpture.

Lluis Lleo, Morpho’s Nest in the Cadmium House

Anish Kapoor, Descension

Josiah McElheny, Prismatic Park

Adrián Villar Rojas, The Theater Of Disappearance

Katja Novitskova, “EARTH POTENTIAL”

KAWS, New York Made: Stanton Street Courts

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By Shab.Gh

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