5 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

July 8, 2017

If you are running out of date ideas or looking for something different, you should take advantages of warm summer days, make some outdoor plans. There is no shortage of summer events in any cities, however you can always get creative and find something romantic to do with your lover. We made a list of cute romantic outdoorsy date ideas for you. Heat things up and get ready for some summer lovin dates. Here are the 10 outdoor date ideas for summer:

Whether is your first date or tenth or your anniversary, date hikes are always good idea. Finding fun dates could be a little challenge. We are going to convince you why hiking can be perfect date idea, as long as you are both at least somehow outdoor enthusiastic.

For starters, hiking can be romantic if you pick a nice spot. Gorgeous view a good opportunity to be romantic. Sometimes at the beginning of the dates it is hard to get pictures together, however standing at the top of a hill at the sunset could be a great opportunity to take selfies. Hiking dates can go progress however you wanted to. You can take as many breaks as you want and make it longer, or you can end it without being awkward. No one would get offended if you’d say your shoe is uncomfortable or you are not feeling well. Most importantly, hiking outfits are casual, it takes the pressure off when you are wearing gym outfits (as long as you dress cute). Oh and did we mention hiking is free. Your date can be fun and positive when you discover a fun place together. Here is couple of tips you need, just pick a spot/hill that is moderate and easier to climb, and don’t forget to take couple of things if you are planning to take a break, such as a blanket, snacks, water, etc.

Food Festivals
Summer is here you need to unplug from the busy life, get out and enjoy the taste of the street festivals. Street Festivals are the perfect excuses to explore your city, celebrate culture, and support local vendors. Each city and neighbourhood has different and unique events to offer, to slow down from the fast paced and enjoy little fun, food, live music, and entertainment for the whole family.

Outdoor Movies
Get ready for summer movie nights under the stars. Forget your Friday night in front of TV on your coach watching Netflix. Outdoor screenings are a thing now. Why? because nothing beats an Outdoor Movies on a big screen in a warm summer evening with friends, snacks, and drinks. Here is the list of top ultimate free Outdoor Movies in different cities this summer.

Outdoor Concerts/Festivals
Summer music festivals are the best way to spend time with friends, there are so many epic festivals happening every year in major cities, plan ahead, and attend one of them. dancing all day in hot summer days with your date and friends will be the highlight of the summer.

We waited all year for couple of beautiful warmth weather months, and now it’s time for weekend getaways, take off and enjoy the nature. You don’t have to pack your bags and go miles away, a cheap train tickets or few hours of drive from your town will take you to the most beautiful breathtaking views

Here are more ideas for fun couples out there:

Go Blading, Berry picking, Beach Date, Kayaking, etc.

Do my friends out there agree? What are your favourite outdoor activities? Feel free to leave your comments!
Find summer events happening in your city!

By: Shab. Gh

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