Here’s Why Travelling Is The Best You Can Do For Your Self

July 10, 2017
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Our life is defined by experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. In order to grow, we must push ourselves to engage with as many life experiences as we can. Travelling is an experience that undoubtedly opens your world to endless possibilities. The importance of travelling is not only eye opening but also instills a sense of wonder and amazement like no other. We at Chillwall understand the importance of travelling, it allows you to see the world around you as it is, and reminds you that the journey of discovery is never over.

Here are some reasons why travelling is the best thing you will ever do, and how Chillwall can help you discover more with each trip.

Gain new experiences

With each new bustling city, tropical island or cultural mecca, you are immediately transported to different ways of life. All around you are new experiences waiting to be discovered. Experiences are at the heart of any well-lived life, and we believe that the best ones are ready waiting for you. We are a global network that allows you to connect instantly with the cultural and social environment of any new city around the world!

Explore and understand different cultures

One of the greatest lessons gained from travelling (if you are willing) is to understand the magic between the differences and similarities of cultures around the world. From the genre of music to the preparation of food, or community celebrations we learn what is important to others and in turn, develop what is important to us. Wherever you may be, Chillwall is one click away from authentic experiences in every genre you can think of.

Discover who you are along the way 

What we hope to gain from travelling is a greater sense of who we are. As we learn more about the world around us we also begin to see ourselves more clearly, what we love, what we dislike and what we wish to do next. We’ve used this idea to shape how Chillwall can personalize your travel plans, giving you personal recommendations for every trip you take.

Broaden your outlook of the world 

Henry Miller once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things“. Lastly, travelling allows you to get a change of pace from your familiar surroundings. It implores you to develop a richer understanding of what the world has to offer, and leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime.

We are making it easier for travelers around the world to search less and discover more, click here to sign up for free!

Written by Bronwyn Schnurr

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