5 Out of this World Music Festivals Happening this Year

November 23, 2016
Music Festivals

Planning to attend a music fest? There are several music festivals happening. Here are the top 5 music festivals happening in the United States that you cannot afford to miss.

Camp Barefoot Music & Art Festival

I know how much music means to us. Escaping life from the daily routine, we would highly recommend you attend this music festival happening on 18th of August at Pegasus Farm Campground. The exact venue is 480 Arnold Hill Road, Elkins, West Virginia. Tickets always get sold out, so we would advise you to get yours soon. Camp Barefoot is all about a great crowd, meet ups, wine and fun.

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Maha Music Festival 2016

Put your high heels on and your favourite dress and yes, get ready for the Maha, the mega music festival happening on Saturday the 20th of August. Highly recognized and creative music groups perform here, which is backed by several social causes, attracting people from all the corners of the world. If you are a true music fan, the Maha Festival is a must. Happening at Aksarben Village, Omaha, the festival starts in the afternoon hours and last until till midnight.

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A3C Hip Hop Festival, Atlanta

Happening every year, A3C Hip Hop is back again, taking place at Atlanta, Georgia from Oct 5-9. If you are a new starting up artist who needs a platform and a great audience, do not hesitate to walk to this festival. If you have decided to experience this priceless exposure, get your tickets as soon as possible and you might get some discount.

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Bumbershoot, WA

This unique Music festival which is taking place in Seattle, WA, from Sep 2-4 is pretty old and has been entertaining people for over 40 years. If you are planning to fly to this exotic spot, make sure you are actually taking some days off as the event keeps going for more than 3 days and to enjoy everything at once you really need some days. The unique thing is that the festival is super friendly for kids. If you want you can actually visit this dynamic location with your family, as the event is considered to be family friendly. It is a bit expansive, but at the end of the day it’s worth it.

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Afropunk Festiaval

There is nothing like Afropunk festival, our last in the list. This amazing music festival is taking place in Brooklyn, New York from August 27-28. It does not last as long as other music festivals and that may be why it’s cheaper than other music festivals happening. This music festival is considered to be the most cool and entertaining music festival. The artists have a completely different way of performing, rebellious by nature and with loud screams. It not only attract the natives, but people from everywhere who likes to live it out loud.

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Written by Sarita Dhaka


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