Top 5 Delicious Bangkok Street Desserts

October 22, 2016

Bangkok does not have only street “food”. There are also many varieties of street dessert as well. These do not include the famous Kao Niew Ma Muang (mango sticky rice)!

Fried roti (roti krob)
This is a very popular street dessert for locals. Generally, the line-ups are quite long. You get to watch the vendor flipping the dough till it is deep-fried, to adding the fillings. The toppings range from condensed milk, sugar, egg, banana or nutella. Pandan flavour is also a must try!
Coconut ice cream (Itim Ka-ti)
Coconut is one the main ingredients in Thai food and dessert. It used to be served on a bun but now vendors tend to use coconut shells. You can choose the toppings like taro, shredded coconut, corn, peanuts and red beans!
Shaved ice jelly with coconut milk (ruam mit)
This cold soup dessert is also coconut based and is one of the most perfect desserts on a hot day.
You get a choice combination of various jellies and candied fruits which are scooped into a bowl and topped with shaved ice and then doused in syrup, coconut milk, and sometimes other sweet syrups. Yum!
Mini pancake with fillings (khanom Tokyo)
The Japanese name is given because it is known as Thai adaptation of the Japanese dorayaki. Khanom Tokyo is a thin flat pancake filled with sweet custard cream, vanilla cream, taro, pandan cream, various fruit jams, shredded coconut, cocoa powder etc. Some have a savory filling, like pork or sausage as well. Yes Please!
Steamed bread with egg custard (khanom pung sung kaya)
This dessert is like a Thai version of bread pudding. The bread is freshly steamed. It comes out warm, chewy and fluffy! These are served with sweet egg custard sauce or the original pandan custard sauce. Wow!
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