Top 5 Comedy Clubs You’ve Probably Never Heard of

October 24, 2016

There are tons of comedy clubs in North America that guarantee an amazing night out. Here are the best …

Second City Comedy

These are great comedy clubs because they offer both awesome shows and stellar classes that will make a comedian out of you. There are several locations found in Canada and the US (Toronto, Chicago, and Hollywood). If you want to laugh or simply want to learn how to make others laugh, we suggest heading to one of these locations and catching a weekend show or enroll in a class to spice up your weeknights. With courses teaching things like improv and writing and stellar headliners performing regularly, it’s no wonder why this place is known as a hotspot for comedy in North America.

Carolines Comedy, New York

Caroline’s is located in the heart of Times Square in New York City, making it a fun place to be in one of the most fun locations on earth. This place offers great comedy shows every single day of the year (meaning that you can catch a show no matter what day of the week you are in NYC). As it is located in New York, you can expect quality entertainers such as Lil Rel and Julia Scotti. Their food is kept as top-notch as their performers and includes out of this world shrimp cocktails and delicious New York strip steak (how fitting …).

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Improv Comedy Clubs

This is one of the largest chains of comedy clubs in North America and has locations in Hollywood, Vegas, Ontario, Washington and more! These comedy clubs offer one thing and one thing only: stellar performances from top-notch, well-known comedians. This place has remained the premiere stage for the best acts including Billy Crystal, Ellen, Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Eddie Murphy! The original club was meant for a place for performers (mainly singers) to hold their most intimate performances but has since transformed into a hot spot for awesome comedy shows. If you want a place that guarantees good comedy, look for Improv!

Stand Up Live, Phoenix

Head to Stand up Live in phoenix, Arizona for a fun night out including a great comedy show and some awesome eats. This place has it all. You can grab awesome food here including fried shrimp, flat iron steak, and chicken nachos. Enjoy your meal with a hilarious comedy show that includes hilarious headliners like NeNe Leakes, Bert Kreischer, and Matt Bellassai. When you’re done, finish off with one of their signature dessert cocktails. Looking for something more upscale while you’re in Phoenix? You can book a VIP package here and experience their dinner packages accompanied by a champagne selection.

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Yuk Yuks

You can find a Yuk Yuks in almost any major city in Canada. Originally founded in Toronto (their Toronto location remains a great place to be for amazing comedy shows), they have expanded to Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, and many more locations. Yuk Yuks have made it their mission to provide you with an amazing experience no matter what city you happen to find yourself in Canada. With performers like Tom Green, Brett Martin, and Angelo Tsarouchas, it’s easy to imagine how Yuk Yuks makes this possible. If you happen to be travelling to Canada this summer, be sure to check out Yuk Yuks in the city that you are exploring to have a great laugh and an amazing time.

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Written by Kent Austin

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