Top 3 Coffee Spots for an Epic date in Dublin

June 19, 2016

It is true that you can get a great cup of coffee in Dublin. But what’s more, their coffee shops are some of the greatest spots for amazing dates …

The Bald Barista

Although this place is usually stuffed, you are sure to love this lively spot. The froyo here has four major flavors and tons of options for toppings, so you can mix and match to make anything. Frozen yogurt is highly relished in Ireland and comes in a wide range of flavors. The good thing is that if you get hungry and driven by the aroma of hot food, you can actually take the menu and order something yummy as they also serve hot foods.

Brother Hubbard

This is the place which always talks about something more than coffee. Brother Hubbard serves 3fe coffee as well as a selection of wall and Keogh teas. For a perfect evening date you can even make a reservation for dinner, and believe me it’s worth spending here.


You are always offered more than just coffee at Kaph, although of course you would be served an excellent cup of coffee for only a few Euros. But a few things make Kaph the most desirable place among young people, such as the corner next to the window which provides you with a beautiful view of the city and people walking on the street (great for people watching). The great music at the store actually pumps happiness into you. I bet you can never leave this store with a bad vibe.

Let us know what you think about the above places for an epic date. Or suggest us few!

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Written by Sarita Dhaka



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