How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Expensive Travel

June 18, 2016

Travelling is only as expensive as you let it be. Here are some travel hacks that will let you explore your favorite cities in the world for cheap!

There are Hostels … Everywhere

While hostels are almost always associated with European cities, they are usually located in almost every city (even if they are less common). If exploring is the name of the game, hostels are a cost-effective way to avoid paying a lot of money to stay in a hotel.

Find Free Events

If you’re visiting tourist oriented cities, there are definitely plenty of free things for you to do. Sightseeing is one of them, but there are most likely free events happening everywhere (especially in the summertime). They say that the best things in life are always free, and you should definitely check out whatever free events your vacation destination has to offer and test that theory out. To find these events, use a free event finder like where you can find countless free events happening in whatever city you are traveling to.

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Pack Lightly

While this may not be the case with European airlines, most North American airlines now charge baggage fees even if you are only stowing one piece of luggage (the fee is typically about $50 in whatever currency the airlines operates with). To get around this, travellers have taken to packing less and bringing a slightly larger carry-on luggage that can be stored with them in the plane cabin. This is not only a huge money saver, it allows you to avoid the excruciating wait at the baggage claim after the flight!

Find a Local Grocery Store

One of the most expensive (if not the most expensive) things about staying away from home is the cost of eating out. While this may be suitable for shorter excursions, this can be costly (as well as unhealthy) if you’re taking a longer vacation. Locate a grocery store near where you’re staying and stock up on snack foods that you can carry with you while you explore as well as foods that you can keep in a fridge for meals (hostels usually have common fridges and hotels usually have fridges in the rooms).

Couch Surf

While this is definitely not recommended for everybody, those willing to couch surf will enjoy the luxury of paying nothing for their stay. Try to excursion to places where you have family and friends who will be willing to have you crash with them or else check out the many couch surfing websites for whichever city you are staying in.

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Written by Kent Austin



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