Things to Do In New York City: For Dancers

January 9, 2016

New York City is the city that doesn’t sleep. There are so many things to do in NYC. It is a perfect city if you love music and dancing. Dance the night away in some of NYC’s hottest dance clubs.


  1. BB Kings Blues Club

BB Kings is perfect if you love to boogie down to the oldie. They have many live performers and DJs for you to enjoy. Many legends also perform there. So go check it out and enjoy some great classics.


  1. Colorado Café

Colorado Café is perfect for those who like country music. They have events that you can do line dancing and also mechanical bull riding. Check out this place if you want to get your honky-tonk on.


  1. The Copacabana Steakhouse

The Copacabana Steakhouse has great steaks and great music to dance to.  They have an in-house DJ  that plays a great mix of music.


For all events and places listed, please check out for more info.

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