Fun Places to Meet Friends in Sheffield

January 7, 2016

Sheffield may not be as well-known as some of England’s other major cities, such as London, but there’s still plenty to do there to either meet new people or meet up with some old friends. For sure, there are many gorgeous landmarks to stumble upon! Keep your eyes open to some magnificent architecture!

1. Millennium Gallery

In the mood for some art, crafts, or design? Millennium Gallery has you covered! It has a vast variety of metalworks collections, which Sheffield is most known for (in terms of art). Best of all, there’s no admission fee involved, except for special collections which may require a bit of a fee. Meet up with some old friends here and chill away, or find your chill at!

2. Winter Garden

If you’re really into plants, then Sheffield’s Winter Garden is the place for you! Sheffield has an award winning glass and greenhouse and this is the place that you’re looking at. Immerse yourself into the beauty of nature! Meet some new people who share the same floral interests as you.

3. Tropical Butterfly House

The Tropical Butterfly House actually doesn’t only house butterflies (the name might be a bit deceiving!). Animals, such as: otters, meerkats, owls, snakes, and more are offered at this interesting location. The place is more of a zoo! There’s absolutely enough fun here to satisfy your friends’ needs for animal comfort.

4. New Moor Market

Love shopping? This is the place for you! The Moor Market contains stalls of many different things, just like a food market. There are things like food, jewelry, fruits, vegetables, and even crafts. Shop to your heart’s desire!

5. The Peak District

If you or your friends want to go somewhere more adventurous or with better scenery, then head over to The Peak District for an outdoor adventure. Take a nice walk through the national park, stop by a village for some souvenirs, and/or explore around the cities and towns!

Why not explore as well? You’ll be able to find many events on there!

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