Top Romantic Places in Birmingham

January 6, 2016

Visiting England? Taking a trip there to see your relatives? Looking for some special places for a date or to meet new friends? Look no further! Here are my top locations to go to for a great meeting:

1. The Mac Cinema at Cannon Hill Park

Showcases classic movies, such as Casablanca. You can get food and wine as well! Nice and classy for a first date. Also, you can meet up with your friends here for a nice and warm gathering. Let them bring their other friends too! Conquer routine with something different! Why not try out while you’re at it to help with conquering routine?

2. Cadbury World

If you love chocolate, then this is definitely the place for you. You’ll be surrounded with so much chocolate that you probably would be drooling by the time you leave. Don’t miss out and grab a few boxes of chocolate, either for you or for your significant other! Or even friends and family while you’re at it.

3. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Art is your thing? Then yeah, definitely try out the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. They have the Pre-Raphaelite collection, which is a part of the Romanticism art style. Take a day and chill out at the best museum and art gallery in Birmingham. Just make sure you stay quiet in there!

If these places don’t satisfy your need for a great dating spot, then make sure to visit for more events in Birmingham!

Written by Shirley Li from

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