Most Romantic Spots in Glasgow

January 10, 2016

The weekend is here! Ever thought about spending a romantic evening with your lover in Glasgow? Even though the city may not seem all that romantic, it actually is! In 2013, it was named Scotland’s most romantic city. Wow, what an achievement! Did you know that has been growing rapidly recently? They’ve reached an all new achievement!

Come in a bit closer for a nice read as I list some of the most romantic spots in Scotland’s Glasgow. Here we go:

1. Nardini’s

Have a sweet tooth? Nardini’s is the right place for you then! They are Scotland’s top ice cream parlour, featuring over 30 flavours for you to choose from. There’s also a bakery in the same place! Smell the fresh, delicious bread and indulge and share some gelato. Yum!

2. Royal Exchange Square

Sneak in a peck at the Royal Exchange Square and take a glimpse at the lovely lights. Walk around, have a romantic dinner, and take in your beautiful surroundings. You won’t regret it!

3. Botanic Gardens

Whisper in each other’s ears and admire the flowers! You would also want to take a stroll, take in the fresh air, and sip on some piping, hot tea. Be one with nature, as well as tell your significant other a secret! I promise I won’t tell.

4. The Grosvenor

This place is actually as awesome as the name is! Enjoy a comfy sofa and cuddle up with your lover… or date! Spark some romance while you’re there and blossom that love.

5. Riverside Museum

Want to learn more about Glasgow? Not sure about Scotland? The Riverside Museum has you covered! There are displays that range from the fashion of Glasgow to the history about the city. Educate yourself today and have an intimate debate with your partner.

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