How to Plan a Safe Family Trip During the Pandemic?

October 2, 2021
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Before the whole coronavirus crisis, we had hardly had to think twice about planning our trips. We’d choose the location, the means of travel, we’d book accommodations, pack, and be on our way before we knew it. Nowadays, traveling is anything but that easy. Not to mention the risk it carries with it. Nevertheless, a lot of time has passed since the pandemic begun, and we are all dying for a getaway. Especially the little ones! Lucky for them (and you), it might be possible to get out of your house for a little while. Of course, to plan a safe family trip during the pandemic, you’ll have to start early and be extra cautious. May these tips be your guide as to what to do to ensure maximum protection for you and your loved ones.

The Guide on How to Plan a Safe Family Trip During the Pandemic

Staying at home with your family was all fun and games, but now you’ve grown tired of the staycation. Traveling would seem like a good idea if only Covid-19 didn’t complicate it. But don’t let the current situation stop you from vacationing! Here, you’ll find advice on how to carry the entire trip out safely!

Inform Yourself of Travel Restrictions

The sad reality of today is that, despite our willingness to travel somewhere, we may be prohibited from doing so. Governments all around the world are imposing travel restrictions, which largely depend on the number of cases in the country of origin and the destination.

Some places allow free access to those who’ve already gotten vaccinated. Others may request you get tested to be granted entry, and the rest may ask you to self-quarantine for up to 14 days. Some don’t allow passage to foreigners regardless of whether they are vaccinated or tested. Naturally, before you continue planning, you’ll have to do your due diligence to check just how much possible restrictions could complicate your journey.


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Before you continue to plan a safe family trip during the pandemic, research travel restrictions imposed by the country you wish you visit. In certain cases, PCR or rapid tests may be required for entry.

Speak to Your Doctor

Over the past year, many of us have skipped regular check-ups due to safety concerns. Early on, lots of people thought going to a hospital meant contracting the virus. Luckily, that proved to be untrue. Still, clinics were running on half the staff, which further made getting an appointment close to impossible. These days, the situation has gotten better, so pay a visit to your primary physician before making a trip. They should perform a health check-up and advise you on whether traveling anywhere at this time would be smart for you.

Research Available Medical Care Options

To truly plan a safe family trip during the pandemic, you’ll have to research the local clinics offering treatment to visitors. If you were to contract the virus, you must be prepared. In addition, don’t forget to bring enough medication and supplements to last your entire journey.

Stay Clear of Covid-19 Hotspots

Take your search to the Web to inquire information about the current coronavirus hotspots. If the place you’ve decided upon visiting is on the list, stay clear of it and go for another one.

For one, Hamilton, Ontario, isn’t considered a high-risk city and could be the right destination for your whole family. And if you happen to enjoy having a nice meal, all the better as Hamilton offers amazing dining experience! There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the area, and nowadays, as a precaution, most of them provide visitors a chance to dine outdoors.

Ditch the Hotels

There’s hardly a better place to spend your holiday than in a hotel where the staff does all the cleaning and cooking for you. In the current age, however, you are best avoiding them. Smaller hotels may be ok, but the risk of getting infected runs high in the large ones. When traveling amid a pandemic, private accommodations such as Airbnbs are a much better option. Sure, you’ll have to do the chores for the time being, but if that’s the price you must pay for the safety of your family, then so be it!

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Scroll through Airbnb to find private accommodation for you and your family.

Choose Your Means of Transportation

Truth be told, today’s hardly a means of transportation safer than your own car. If driving to the desired location is possible, then, by all means, get behind the wheel! If not, you’ll have to resort to flying, taking a train or a bus. Airport, train and bus stations are typically considered high-risk places. To avoid having to use anything else but your car, experts recommend you take shorter trips.

If you really need to fly, make sure your entire family is protected for the duration of the journey. Equip yourselves with masks, and don’t even think about removing them! Disinfect your hands regularly, and instruct your children to keep their distance, all while respecting the distance yourself.

Prepare a ”Pandemic” Bag

This is a bag you’ll keep all the ”pandemic” essentials in, including the hand sanitizers or 70% alcohol, some wet wipes, masks, gloves, a thermometer, vitamins, and supplements. Keep the bag close by so that it remains easy to take something out at any time. However, bear in mind that hand sanitizer could potentially be flammable. Keep it out of the direct sun, all the more if it’s particularly hot outside.

Hand sanitizer and a mask

Keep hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and more on you at all times. Put them all in a bag for easier access.

Caption: Keep hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and more on you at all times. Put them all in a bag for easier access.
Alt-tag: Hand sanitizer and a mask

Prioritize Outdoor Activities

Want to plan a safe family trip during the pandemic and make sure it truly is risk-free? In that case, you should spend as much time outside as possible. Make it your mission to take part in hiking, camping, climbing, or go to the beach, if you will! All the same, the chances of getting infected are running particularly low when in the fresh air, which, if you keep your distance, are further brought down to a minimum.

outdoor adventures

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