Beautiful Yet Less Crowded National Monuments Of The West

September 12, 2020
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Experience these stunning national monuments that might fall in your itinerary or at least consider adding them to bucket list this year. You will soon understand the appeal of these monuments at your first sight which are often less visited. Check them out:

Grand Stair – Escalante National Monument, Utah

Spanning approximately 1 million acres of America’s public lands, the monument is treasured with canyons, natural bridges and arches. This untouched natural area gives you countless opportunities for quiet recreation and solitude. The monument’s size, shape, and remote character provide extraordinary opportunities for hikers and photographers. Good trails include the short hike to Devil’s Garden and the longer trek to Lower Calf Creek Falls, both starting near Escalante. 

San Juan Islands National Monument, Washington

There are more than 450 islands, rocks, and pinnacles, to choose from, depending on your activity preference. For example, take a trip to the Blind Island if you want to camp. For hiking, try the Iceberg Point Trail on Lopez Island or the Mount Finlayson Trail on San Juan Island itself. This monument has been able to draw visitors from around the world with its landscape of unmatched contrasts. The forests seem to spring from gray rock and distant, snow-capped peaks provide the backdrop for sandy beaches.

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John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon

The monument covers a total area of 22 square miles (57 square km), was first recognized as an important fossil site in the 1860s. If you are wondering about these painted hills’ history, its the 55 million years of plant and animal evolution and a collection of 40,000 fossils. The Sheep Rock Unit, The Painted Hills Unit and the Clarno Unit are the short trails to dramatic views of colorful rocks. These rock formations are so unique from all the other national monuments.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona

The monument has one of a kind landscape inhabited by Ancient Puebloans, and later by Navajo people for nearly 5,000 years, is located entirely on Navajo Nation land. Spanning more than 83,000 acres, Canyon de Chelly National Monument offers an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild Arizona landscape. Besides, the visitors can also learn more about the history of the Navajo people. Besides, you will also find plenty of ways to enjoy this historical place from scenic drive to camping, and hiking.

Devil’s Postpile National Monument, California

This fence-looking monument is actually a 60 feet tall basalt columns that somehow evolved to this place. Located in the heart of California’s Sierra Nevada, the monument offers a wide variety of recreational activities. Within the monument’s 800 acre land, the visitors can do variety of activities. To name some: camping, backpacking, day hikes, fishing, photography, and horseback riding, there’s something to do for everyone.

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