5 Best Falls Around The World To See In 2020

September 4, 2020
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Traveling in Autumn is an all different experience. As the days start getting shorter, the views of the colorful trees around you and leaves beneath your feet can change anyone’s mood. Check these breathtaking best falls that turn the sites into red, orange, and yellow and can make anyone a photographer:

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, as it is already a place full of trees, fall makes it even more beautiful, from flower blooming to enchanting cherry blossoms, and landscapes. If you’re late for the fall beauty, you can still catch up the autumn leaves illuminated on a night tour in November. Kyoto being the home to dozens of gardens, forests, and trees, fall adds to the beauty adding a rich blend of colors in autumn. For the spectacular views of fall try visiting gardens of Sanzenin, Tofukuki Temple that displays some of Kyoto’s most beautiful autumn foliage. Furthermore, Tenryuji, Jojakkoji, Nisonin and Gioji are some of the best temples for autumn colors.

Bavaria, Germany

Besides the world famous festival in Munich, Bavaria also offers stunning views of fall foliage. September and October are the months that the weather in Germany is still pleasant with golden days in colorful foliage that make it one of the best falls in the world. If you have a full day to spare, you can travel from Munich to Neuschwanstein to see the fall colors wrapped around this fairy tale castle.

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Napa Valley, California

Our last blog regarding best wine destinations just mentioned about Napa Valley, which is also a home to some dreamy fall foliage. Fall is also a great time to go to Napa for the grape harvest and the fall color in the vineyards is also one of the busiest times of the year for wineries. Vineyards and country drives display the colors spread on the trees as the days get colder.

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London, England

London needs no explanation when it comes to travel and tourism. It is especially a must visit place in the fall season. Beyond annual events, the main thing you will love about autumn in London is the colors. As the leaves start turning golden, summer crowds thin out and the weather is pleasant and mild. There are a lot of things to see and do in London in autumn, from fall foliage to food festivals. Some of the best places to see the falls are Kynance Mews in Kensington and Hampstead Heath.

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Bruges, Belgium

Although you don’t need to wait for any season to visit Bruges, autumn is especially the best time of the year when it remarkable looks beautiful with fall foliage. As it is, Bruges is already a photo-worthy place, in autumn the fall colors transform it into a fairytale. And if you are a chocolate lover, this is the place to be as you will come across many artisanal and local chocolate shops. Bonifacius bridge, Grote Markt, Belfort Tower, etc are some of the must visit places to see the city in colors.

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