5 Best Places To Stay In Dominica – The Nature Island

September 22, 2020
Chillwall, Nature Island

There are beaches, rivers, and a massive lake, you’ve got a lot to take in this nature island. The island is so large it takes you several night – stays to explore it. Check these 5 best places to stay while you’re in Dominica:

Jungle Bay

Probably you are looking for an eco-friendly stay, then Jungle Bay in the Nature Island of Dominica is the right one that also provides a luxury spa. This resort was built and operated in alignment with international Geotourism and Ecotourism guidelines. Focusing on these guidelines, there’s an emphasis on the local community.  Your vacation will be a perfect blend of adventure, cultural experiences, delicious organic local cuisine, spa pampering and yoga to help rejuvenate you.

Fort Young Hotel

Sitting on the southwestern edge of the island, the hotel used to be a colonial military fort in the 1700s, built to protect the island. You can simply grab a room with a balcony and watch the fishing boats crisscross in the water. Fort Young Hotel has ideal exposure to Dominica’s vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and activity in the marine. Therefore, its an excellent stay for both business and pleasure.

Secret Bay

At Secret Bay in the Nature Island of Dominica, you will have an experience of a life time. Green and clean practices, nutrition-based vitality and Dominica’s healing biodiversity, are the three practices of the resort. A personal attendant will be at your service, pampering you, and taking care of everything. You will be assisted in planning your excursions around the island to stocking your fridge with drinks. The luxury and intimacy offered in the resort will make you feel like in a star hotel.

Pagua Bay House

Just 10 minutes South of the Douglas-Charles Airport, Pagua Bay House, the Nature Island’s tranquil & chic boutique hotel, is a stylish retreat. You can sit by the pool watching the waves, or play cornhole on the lawn with a breath taking view of the Atlantic. All of the private cabanas & suites have ocean-views.

Hotel The Champs

Small yet luxurious, the hotel provides an eco-comfort with sincere, friendly, and personal service. Sitting on your balcony overseeing the Caribbean Sea is very relaxing. Or you could even sip your cocktail on the pool deck and watch the sun go down, or join the sunset yoga class. Like every other place around here, it’s worthy of exploration. Nearby is the Indian River, the through-line of the Nature Island.

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