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June 25, 2020
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“Middle-East” reminds us of hot, dry, and harsh lands, and may not be the choice of many during summer. However, Jordan is a place of relaxation and retreats, and adventure, that make the country an ideal destination for travelers. Check out some of the best spots to treat yourself:

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has the lowest elevation on the earth’s surface (some 430 meters below sea level). As long as you’re careful to avoid getting it into your eyes, you can immerse yourself fully from toe to head into the water. With minerals and salts, the water of the sea has a healing property that acts as a skin balm, and can even relieve symptoms of arthritis. The sea’s unusually high salt concentration means that people can literally float in the water. However, due to its high salt concentration, you will not find aquatic animals or plants living in the water.  

The Wadi Rum

Its irresistible beauty has caught the eye of Hollywood that has scenes of the site in a number of movies — including The Martian, AladdinStar Wars, etc. Regarding accommodation after a tiring travel, Bubble Rooms are quite a unique experience. Wadi Rum is full of hiking and rock climbing opportunities, but make sure that a professional guide accompanies you.

Berenice Beach

This premium tourist beach is located in Aqaba. You don’t need to enter a private beach that costs you heavy, rather opt for Berenice Beach. There is an entrance fee charged reasonable enough to give you access to the beach all day. You can rent scuba or snorkeling gear and hire an instructor on site.

Ma’in Hot Springs

Far from any city, Ma’in Hot Springs are the relaxing retreats in Jordan, away from the busy urban life. These hot sprints in Madaba are reputed for medicinal benefits and have attracted visitors from all over the world. The water is heated underground and is saturated with potassium and magnesium, among other minerals.

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